Texas Tech University

Lab clean out

A lab clean out is the removal of a large quantity of chemicals or biological materials from the work area. Whether the clean out is to remove materials from previous projects or because the work area is closing or relocating, it is the initial responsibility of the supervisor/PI and work area personnel. The department then becomes responsible if the supervisor and personnel are no longer available. 


  1. Complete the Lab Clean Out Request Form. You will be contacted after submission to schedule the initial Waste Evaluation.
  2. Meet with Environmental Protection for a Waste Evaluation to identify all waste requirements pertaining to the clean out.
  3.  A Lab Clean Out Action Plan will be sent to your contact person using the Raider RAMP system.
  4.  Work area personnel must complete all action items identified in the Action Plan prior to waste request submission.
  5. Work area personnel must submit a Waste Request with an approximate total container quantity.
  6. Environmental Protection personnel will contact you with an approximate pick up date if all action items have been completed correctly. 

Lab Clean Outs often involve hundreds of containers, so give your team ample time to complete the Action Plan items identified. Send questions about the process to ehs.environmental.safety@ttu.edu.


Equipment to be removed from the work area for relocation to another area or for disposal require appropriate decontamination by the supervisor (or department) and clearance from EHS before removal by TTU Surplus. Affix the completed Equipment Decontamination Form after cleaning and complete the Equipment Clearance Request Form