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Hazardous material clean out

A hazardous material clean out is the removal of a large quantity of chemicals or biological materials from the work area. Whether the clean out is to remove materials from previous projects or because the work area is closing or relocating, it is the initial responsibility of the supervisor/PI and work area personnel. The department then becomes responsible if the supervisor and personnel are no longer available. 

How to Get Started

Complete the Work Area Clean Out Request Form to notify the EHS Environmental Protection team of the clean out. You will schedule an initial waste evaluation to meet with Environmental Protection and identify all requirements pertaining to the clean out including proper packing and labeling.

Contact ehs.environmental.safety@ttu.edu with questions. 

Download the Waste Work Area Clean Out Checklist


  1. Complete the Work Area Clean Out Request Form. You will be contacted after submission to schedule the initial Waste Evaluation.
  2. Meet with Environmental Protection for a Waste Evaluation to identify all waste requirements pertaining to the clean out. 
  3. Work area personnel must remove all EHS barcodes from chemical containers, place them on a Barcode Return Form and mail to EHS at Mail Stop 1090.
  4. Work area personnel must affix a completed Hazardous Waste Label on all chemical containers to be disposed. If the contents of the container are the same as what the manufacturer label reads, "same" may be written in the Content section of the waste label. 
  5. Work area personnel must submit a Waste Request with an approximate total container quantity.
  6. Environmental Protection personnel will pick up your waste based on the queue of requests. If there will be a delay in your pick up, an Environmental Protection specialist will contact you with the date.


Equipment to be removed from the work area for relocation to another area or for disposal require appropriate decontamination by the supervisor (or department) and clearance from EHS before removal by TTU Surplus. Affix the completed Equipment Decontamination Form after cleaning and complete the Equipment Clearance Request Form

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