Texas Tech University

Safety videos

Effective Hand Washing

Glove Removal

Beaking Method

For removal of heavily contaminated gloves (e.g., after cleaning up a spill)

Glove Removal

Engineering Controls

Biological Safety Cabinet Videos

General start up and air flow visualization

Tips for properly using your BSC

Managing a spill in your BSC

Allow for contact time anytime disinfectant is applied.  Change your gloves prior to resuming work and disinfect gloves should you need to remove your hands from the cabinet for additional materials to address the spill.

Biosafety Cabinet Ergonomics

Chemical Fume Hood Dos and Don'ts

General Lab Safety

Using PPE Properly

Chemical Spill Response

Biological Spill Response

Lab Risk Assessment

The who, what, and why's of a "Lab Buddy".

Proper Disinfection Practices

 Safety Awareness