Texas Tech University

EHS department logos

EHS Mission Statement

The Department of Environmental Health & Safety seeks to provide a safe and healthy place of employment and learning and to cultivate positive attitudes towards safety, security and preparedness through the establishment and implementation of occupational and environmental protection programs for the University.

EHS Vision Statement

The Department of Environmental Health & Safety works to instill the value of safe and environmentally-conscious behavior throughout the University community.

Department Values

Awareness Cognizance of safety regulations and ethical concerns and instill this awareness in the university community
Expertise Continuing education to provide optimal service to the university
Service Provide dedicated workforce to ensure safety in all arenas of university activity
Community Creation and nourishment of a culture of safety, awareness and ethical ownership
Integrity Upholding and enforcing the safety guidelines of federal, state and local entities and integration of these guidelines to university policy

Department Actions

Protection Oversee training, facilities and work practices to ensure protection from hazards for all university personnel and students
Prevention Enforcement of safety guidelines to prevent injury to person, the environment and property
Instruction Provide safety education to the community to protect themselves and the environment
Collaboration Work with the community to produce innovative solutions to safety concerns
Response  Plan for incidents to respond with preparedness and confidence