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A field site is any site where field work or research is being conducted in an outdoor
environment and may include (but is not limited to) field stations, natural reserves, private
lands, public lands or parks, wilderness areas, coastline, or waterways, including those owned
and managed by Texas Tech University System, and more controlled sites such as
construction areas, excavations, green houses, agricultural fields, commercial facilities and

If proposed field work is out of country, involving required transport of hazardous materials or presents significant risk to personnel, please submit a Safety Consult Form to EHS.

  • Pre-planning and adequate preparation can circumvent many field hazards. The Field Trip Leader must complete a risk assessment and develop a Field Safety Plan accordingly. 
  • All field participants must complete a documented Field Safety Briefing prior to departure. The briefing must discuss the Field Safety Plan, all field operations, potential hazards, use of protective and emergency equipment and emergency procedures.
  • All field participants must obtain any recommended vaccinations and make medical preparations appropriate for the location of the field site.
  • A Designated Contact must be established for all Field Groups prior to departure. A copy of the Field Safety Plan must be provided to them.
  • At least two field participants must be trained in first aid and CPR. 
  • The Field Group must assemble a field site kit with materials appropriate to the location.
  • All personnel using ATVs, UTVs, or other similar vehicles in the field must take training courses prior to use and demonstrate competency on the vehicle type under similar conditions that will be present in the field.
  • Ensure vehicles and equipment used are in good working order and have been serviced and maintained according to the manufacturer recommended schedule.
  • Transportation of hazardous materials including chemicals, compressed gases or biological materials are subject to proper DOT and / or IATA regulations.


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