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Incidents at Other Institutions

Vacuum Pump Explosion in Chemistry Building - August 2020 - build up of flammable vapors causes vacuum pump explosion

University of Hawaii researcher loses arm in lab explosion – March 2016 – explosion occurred while making cell growth media – cause still unknown

Employee killed in magnetic lab accident at Florida State University – October 2015 – Glenn Nix died while working on the MagLab magnet construction project

Employees injured in accident at Los Alamos National Labs – May 2015 – incident at electrical substation of neutron science center resulted in burn center treatment for one individual and shorter hospital treatment for several more

Glass Reactor Over-pressurization Causes Serious Injury to Grad Student Researcher– October 2011

Ethanol Fire Burns Researcher– July 2011 – likely because ethanol was used too close to a Bunsen burner

Chemical Safety Board Recommendations

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