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Occupational Health Program (OHP)

The OHP at Texas Tech is designed to monitor, mitigate and treat health issues that can develop due to occupational hazards. The program consists of three parts:


This includes assigning personnel into the program due to occupational risks. The Assessment stage should be performed using the Occupational Risk Assessment. Enrollment into the program is accomplished using the Enrollment Form which is then submitted onto the Occupational Health Program for review.

Employees whose work assignments meet the requirements of the Respiratory Protection Program (TTU OP 60.05) or the Bloodborne Pathogen Protection Program (TTU OP 60.24) must enroll in the OHP.


This component of the program includes regular monitoring of personnel for risk factors and health issues.


The response component of the program is designed to medically treat occupational illnesses. This includes two types of illnesses:


These illnesses are immediate in nature and usually the result of accidents. These should be addressed by the emergency response medical provider in the workplace safety plan.


These illnesses are slow developing and usually the result of long term overexposure to health hazards. These conditions are often identified and addressed by the occupational health program provider.

Steps for TTU-OHP Participants

  1. An occupational risk assessment should be performed by the workplace supervisor and details of workplace hazards should be described in the position description of the employee. Texas Tech Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) should be consulted when encountering unknown or undefined hazards.
  2. Texas Tech main campus employees should complete and submit the Enrollment Form  and submit to EHS at ehs.ohp@ttu.edu.  Do not send the form to personal email accounts.
  3. EHS will submit the form to the Occupational Health Provider.
  4. The Occupational Health Provider will follow up with the employee to coordinate and perform the appropriate medical care and maintain all health records.
  5. The Occupational Health Provider will provide recommendations to EHS and the workplace supervisor as to recommended work status and any restrictions for the employee.

Occupational Health Provider

OccMed Associates
25 Brierbroft Office Park
Lubbock, TX 79412-3011
(806) 795-7433
1619 S Kentucky Street Ste. F600
Amarillo, TX 79102
(806) 373-2200

As necessary, EHS will provide exposure assessments, necessary training and recommendations for engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment to mitigate workplace hazards.

During an emergency response, medical care can be provided by any medical professional with a follow-up Incident Form submitted to the Office of Risk Management and coordinated follow-up medical care through the Occupational Health Provider.

Special information of Animal Users

Animal users need to visit the Institutional Animal Care and Use's Occupational Health and Safety site for information and assessment in regard to animal use.

Steps for TTU-HSC Personnel Seeking Fit-testing

  1. TTU-HSC personnel enroll through the TTU-HSC Occupational Health Program and do not need to complete the OHP enrollment form linked on this page.
  2. After enrollment in the TTU-HSC OHP program, complete your visit with the occupational health provider associated with that program.
  3. Complete the Respirator Training offered through TTU-EHS.  Please email our fit-testing technician to request training.
  4. Bring the form from your OHP program provider to the fit-testing session with the TTU-EHS fit-testing technician.  


Occupational Risk Assessment Form
Enrollment Form