Texas Tech University

Occupational Health Program (OHP)

The Texas Tech University Occupational Health Program (OHP) provides medical surveillance and occupational health services for staff, faculty, and students who are at risk due to exposure to biological, chemical, and physical hazards as part of their work or study.  The Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) at Texas Tech University is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment to staff, faculty, and students free of cost.  EHS manages the OHP for University students or employees only.

The program consists of three parts.


This includes enrolling personnel into the appropriate program due to exposure to occupational risks. The enrollment stage should be performed using established occupational risks and exposures. To enroll in the program, complete the appropriate enrollment for your designation and submit it to the OHP. 

Forms are provided in the Documents section below; there are separate forms for Campus Support Personnel (i.e. those staff members that work in service and maintenance) and those involved in Scholarly Activities (i.e. those that perform research and teaching activities). Enrollment is completed based which preventative program best addresses the hazard exposure(s).

Employees whose work assignments meet the requirements of the Respiratory Protection Program (TTU OP 60.05) or the Bloodborne Pathogen Protection Program (TTU OP 60.24) must enroll in the OHP for consultation with the occupational health provider. 

Enrollment facilitates consultation and evaluation with an occupational health provider; you have the right decline some recommendations, such as titer checks, in certain cases. Certain preventative or prophylactic measures are required given job duties; in these situations, one cannot opt out of enrollment or occupational health requirements.


Evaluation of fitness to work is provided by a medical professional contracted by the University to give both guidance and answer questions concerning employee health status.


This component of the program includes regular monitoring of personnel for risk factors and health issues. This is a recurrent enrollment over time based on job requirements and hazard exposures.

Steps for OHP Participants

  1. An Occupational Risk Assessment    should be performed by the workplace supervisor and details of workplace hazards should be described in the position description of the employee. EHS should be consulted when encountering unknown or undefined hazards.
  2. Texas Tech main campus employees should complete and submit the appropriate OHP Enrollment Form and submit it to EHS at ehs.ohp@ttu.edu.  Download the form and open in Adobe for full functionality. Do not send the form to personal email accounts.
  3. EHS will submit the form to the Occupational Health Provider.
  4. The Occupational Health Provider will follow up with the employee to coordinate and perform the appropriate medical services and maintain all health records.
  5. The Occupational Health Provider will provide recommendations to EHS and the workplace supervisor as to recommended work status and any restrictions for the employee.

Occupational Health Provider

OccMed Associates
25 Briercroft Office Park
Lubbock, TX 79412-3011
(806) 795-7433
1619 S Kentucky Street Ste. F600
Amarillo, TX 79102
(806) 373-2200

As necessary, EHS will provide exposure assessments, necessary training and recommendations for engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment to mitigate workplace hazards.

During an emergency response, medical care can be provided by any medical professional. Submit a follow-up Incident Report to the Office of Risk Management to coordinate follow-up medical care through the Occupational Health Provider.

Special information of Animal Users

Animal users need to visit the Institutional Animal Care and Use's Occupational Health and Safety site for information and assessment regarding animal use.


Download forms and open in Adobe for full functionality

Occupational Risk Assessment Form

Campus Support Personnel OHP Enrollment Form

Scholarly OHP Enrollment Form

Health Provider Medical Evaluation Form