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Raider Risk Assessment Management Program, or RRAMP, is an integrated safety program used by EHS to:

  • Maintain chemical and radioactive material inventories for academic work areas (i.e., teaching and research labs);
  • Perform safety inspections of occupational, laboratory, radiation, laser, and food establishment spaces on campus; and
    • Reports and corrective actions are maintained through the RRAMP system (PDF documents of reports are no longer sent). 
    • Work area personnel log into the RRAMP system to note when corrective actions are completed.
  • Facilitate self-inspections of laboratory and occupational work areas by the work area personnel.
    • Self-inspector permission must be granted by EHS. Request via email to safety@ttu.edu for your work area(s).
    • Self-inspections use the same checklists used by EHS during our surveys. 

Supervisor Use

Supervisors can:

  • Add their personnel to their room rosters enabling their personnel to access the chemical inventory and inspection reports. This also allows viewing of personnel training records. 
  • View their chemical and/or radioactive material inventories.
    • You cannot edit your inventory. EHS maintains the inventories through Barcode Return Forms, Barcode Request Forms and the annual reconciliation performed. 
    • The inventory is searchable by chemical name or CAS number. 
    • If you have multiple rooms used for chemical storage, all chemicals in each room are displayed in a singular inventory page.
  • View inspection reports and address any required corrective actions. 
  • Create their WASP online using the Safety Manager Assessment page.


RRAMP User Guide

Access RRAMP