Texas Tech University

Using EHS BioBarrels

Some work areas use BioBarrels provided by EHS to collect solid biological waste. BioBarrels are only provided to work areas who do not have access to a functioning autoclave for solid waste treatment. Other work areas generating biological waste must treat their waste using one of the methods described in the previous section. Certain rules must be followed when using BioBarrels. 

  • Do not place liquids in BioBarrels. Liquid biowaste should be treated by work area personnel. 
  • Do not overfill the barrels. Only fill up to 3/4 full or exceed 50 pounds per barrel. 
  • Do not place loose materials in the barrel. Biowaste should be accumulated in smaller biobags, tied off and then collected in the BioBarrel. See the image below for an example.

Biobarrel accumulation

  • BioBarrel liners must be secured tied by work area personnel and the lid snapped securely in place prior to EHS pick up. EHS will not collect improperly prepared barrels. 


All requests for new services or additional barrels for work area with existing areas, will be completed via email to: ehs.environmental.safety@ttu.edu