Texas Tech University

Gas cylinder return

Just as new gas cylinders are delivered directly by the vendor, empty cylinders are returned directly to the vendor. Most often the vendor will pick up the empty cylinder(s) when delivering new cylinder(s).

The two primary compressed gas companies used by the university community are Praxair and Airgas. Both vendors are available as punchout vendors in TechBuy

Returning a Cylinder Without New Delivery

If you need to return an empty gas cylinder without new delivery, you can contact the vendor and request a cylinder pick up. 

Praxair Cylinders

Contact Westair, who does the Praxair deliveries in the Lubbock area, at (806) 748-9140 or email the Area Sales Manager Gary Mahan at gary_mahan@praxair.com.

Airgas Cylinders

Contact Cuevas, the HUB partner of Airgas, at (800) 328-3827 or email the area representative Kirston Stafford and kstafford@cuevasdistribution.com.

What if I Have an Old Cylinder?

Locate the vendor information on the cylinder tag. Call the vendor to request a cylinder pick up. If the cylinder is old or the tag is illegible, contact Praxair and Airgas to see if they will pick up the cylinder.

When to Contact EHS

Only contact EHS for abandoned gas cylinders. You should make every effort to return the cylinder to the vendor before contacting EHS about gas cylinder pick up. If vendors will not pick up an old or unlabeled cylinder contact Environmental Protection for pick up.