Texas Tech University

Captain's Call

Captain's Call is a learning opportunity for Lab Safety Captains, lab managers and other personnel who help to oversee safety in their spaces. Two sessions of each topic will be offered each month.

We will meet in the TIPS Training Lab in Experimental Sciences Building II room 406 every month.

Email heather.coats@ttu.edu to be added to the mailing list.

Schedule & Topics

January - Orienting New Students

Thursday, January 25th 3-4pm

Friday, January 26th 1-2pm

Come create an on-boarding plan for new research students who join your research group! On boarding a new researcher can be disorienting; let EHS make it easier. We will identify what topics need to be taught in your lab based on your research, develop exercises to assess existing proficiencies in students, and create plans to teach the laboratory skills you need to be successful.

February - Dry Ice Shipping

Thursday, February 22nd 3-4pm

Friday, February 23rd 1-2pm

Does your lab use dry ice to ship samples? Then this class is for you! Learn the shipping requirements for dry ice and become certified for two years to ship on dry ice. Participants will learn the DOT guidelines, where to obtain appropriate labels, and the EHS requirements before you can ship.

April - Material Compatibility

Thursday, April 25th 3-4pm

Friday, April 26th 1-2pm

Did you know certain plastics are incompatible with certain solvents? Some chemicals are *very* particular about how they are handled, even including the instrument you use to transfer them from the manufacturer bottle. EHS will provide an overview of common use chemicals including acids, bases, and flammable materials, their different applications and specific precautions for handling.