Texas Tech University

Captain's Call

Captain's Call is a learning opportunity for Lab Safety Captains, lab managers and other personnel who help to oversee safety in their spaces. Two sessions of each topic will be offered each month.

We will meet in the TIPS Training Lab in Experiemental Sciences Building II room 406 every month.

Email heather.coats@ttu.edu to be added to the mailing list.

Schedule & Topics

August - Raider RAMP

Thursday, August 24th 3-4pm

Friday, August 25th 1-2pm

Come get a refresher or a new training on how to use the safety management program, Raider RAMP, to access inventories, view personnel training records, complete risk assessments to construct your Work Area Safety Plan, and conduct in-lab surveys to assign safety departures to your other personnel.

September - Waste Management

Thursday, September 28th 3-4pm

Friday, September 29th 1-2pm

We will discuss best practices for lab waste management including solid and liquid chemical waste, biological wastes, sharps, and glass. Submit specific questions to heather.coats@ttu.edu before class.

October - Emergency Response Drills

Thursday, October 26th 3-4pm 

Friday, October 27th 1-2pm

Come run lab-focused emergency response drills including eye exposure, spill cleanup, laboratory cuts, and waste bottle reactions.

November - Lab Clean Outs

Thursday, November 30th 3-4pm

Friday, December 1st 1-2pm

If your lab has a project closing or students leaving, come learn the process for addressing larger waste collection needs. We will walk through the Lab Clean Out process and share tips to simplfy the process.