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Annual Survey Workflow

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) has developed a workflow process to ensure updates to work area hazard assessments and the safety management database, annual safety surveys and EHS Door Sign updates occur in a timely manner each calendar year. 


  1. EHS staff will obtain current department roster and room assignments from the designated Departmental Safety Officer and update to the Raider RAMP system (powered by Safety Stratus).
  2. Principal Investigator or Lab Safety Captain updates the Personnel Roster in RRAMP. Review the RRAMP User Guide for instructions. 
    1. Alternatively, Personnel rosters may be submitted to ehs.safety.training@ttu.edu to facilitate roster update.
  3. Principal Investigator or Lab Safety Captain submits the annual hazard activity assessment (HA). Review the RRAMP User Guide for instructions. SOPs SOP templates should be added to the HA in the document upload portion this will create the WASP.
  4. EHS reviews the WASP and confirms training completion records for required courses for all lab personnel on roster.
  5. EHS will coordinate with DSO, PI, or other lab personnel to perform EHS-conducted survey of the work area. EHS survey with lab personnel is preferred, but not required. Survey reports are delivered to the responsible party of the work area via email.
  6. After EHS safety survey and confirmation of hazards identified during in the HA, EHS will either approve the WASP or return to the lab for correction and resubmission. 
  7. After EHS approval, online WASP will be distributed to all personnel for digital signature and WASP will be available online in the RRAMP system.
  8. EHS will provide updated Door Signs, if needed, and award Top Performer* status.

*Top Performer Lab - spaces with no findings during safety survey or all deviations were corrected within the initial follow up period (30 days after intiial survey).


You may request assistance completing your Hazard Assessment, updating your personnel roster and updating your Work Area Safety Plan at ehs.safety.training@ttu.edu. 

RRAMP User Guide

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Submit any questions to safety@ttu.edu