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Chemical Hygiene

The TTU Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) provides guidance to researchers on the proper practices for chemical use. This document is based on the OSHA Lab Standard (CFR 1910.1450) and outlines the best practices for lab work.

Chemical Guidance in the CHP

  • Proper chemical storage including container and segregation requirements;
  • Required chemical labeling including primary (i.e., parent or manufacturer) and secondary (i.e., any container after the parent used for more than one work day) labels;
  • Proper chemical use including handling of certain substances and spill prevention measures;
  • Safe transport of chemicals on or off campus;
  • Chemical disposal including appropriate containers, labeling and storage requirements, and safe waste management.

Other Safety Topics in the CHP

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) including the Respiratory Protection Program;
  • Provisions for non-lab personnel, maintenance and minor entrance to lab spaces;
  • Facility, training, Work Area Safety Plan and Standard Operating Procedure requirements;
  • Identification and management of physical hazards;
  • The Chemical Gateway Process; 
  • The Chemical Fume Hood Surveillance Program; and
  • Procedures for lab area closures.

The CHP is reviewed by the Lab Safety section at EHS and the ILSC every two years and updated regularly. 


TTU University Lab Safety Manual

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Chemical Spill Response (Appendix AC)

OSHA Chemical Exposure Fact Sheet

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