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Chemical Gateway

The Chemical Gateway is the process by which chemicals for research and teaching areas are inventoried, barcoded and delivered to departments across campus. 

Lab safety personnel approve all hazardous material purchases (excluding radiation and laser purchases which are approved by the Radiation Safety section).

Gateway Process

 Gateway process

How did the Chemical Gateway begin?

An FBI investigation in 2011 on an individual purchasing phenol, a chemical that may be used to form explosives, led investigators to inquire about the chemical inventory at Texas Tech University. The suspect claimed he was ordering the chemical for "home research" and was affiliated with a "local university".

At the time, chemical inventories were self-reported by faculty members. This produced an inaccurate representation of the chemicals on campus. Additionally, chemicals belonging to Texas Tech did not have any identifying markings

Benefits of the Chemical Gateway

  • Personnel trained in Hazardous Materials Operations (i.e., hazmat response) receive packages. If a container is compromised, EHS personnel handle the broken container safely.
  • Chemical containers are inspected for damage before they arrive at the departments.
  • PIs have access to an online inventory of their chemicals.
  • Reporting to federal agencies or emergency responders is easier because an inventory list can be printed.
  • EHS-provided door signs reflect the chemical hazards in each area.
  • A WASP and proper chemical storage can be confirmed before chemicals are delivered.
  • Annual inventory reconciliation can be completed by EHS because chemicals are barcoded. 


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