Texas Tech University

Hazardous Material Procurement

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) worked with the Department of Procurement Services to develop routing in TechBuy, the university's purchasing platform, that requires all chemical, biological and gas purchases to be approved by EHS personnel before Purchase Order creation.

This allows EHS to integrate federal, state and local regulations into procurement ensuring only authorized individuals are purchasing hazardous materials.

Chemicals, biologicals and gases must be coded appropriately to ensure proper routing and reporting for the university. Part of the Tier I research status relies on research expenditures. 

Chemical, Biological and Gas Procurement Guide

Chemicals for academic spaces are inventoried through the Chemical Gateway system. Biologicals and gases are delivered directly to the department by Central Receiving personnel or the vendor, respectively. Some materials require that the Principal Investigator have the proper protocol in place before acquisition. All materials require current safety training for the Principal Investigator.