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Laboratory Safety Self-Surveys

All laboratories are encouraged to conduct self-surveys using the Safety Survey Checklist on a regular basis.  This is the exact checklist that EHS uses for their annual safety survey and can be downloaded from the Tools & Templates page or the links on the right side bar. 

Frequent self-surveys help laboratories identify and address safety departures regularly which improves work area safety and promotes a positive and proactive safety culture at the laboratory/department level.

Laboratories can request training from EHS on how to use the survey checklist via email at ehs.lab.safety@ttu.edu.

Top Performers from 2018 Surveys

Non-Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) laboratories that did not have any safety departures or corrected all departures within the 30-calendar day window on their last annual EHS Safety Survey are given the opportunity to self-survey the following year in lieu of the annual EHS Safety Survey.  This opportunity can by the principal investigator (PI)/supervisor. Biosafety Level 2 areas that are Top Performers will still be acknowledged as such, but given in elevated risks associated with these areas, forgoing the annual survey is not permitted.

If your work area qualifies for a self-survey, EHS will contact the work area supervisor/PI and the department safety officer (DSO) prior to the next annual survey period. 

The self-survey process is briefly outlined below.  This process is for those self-surveys that are performed in lieu of the annual EHS safety survey for qualifying laboratories/work areas.

Self-Survey Process

  1. EHS notifies the supervisor/PI and the DSO of the opportunity to self-survey. The supervisor can accept or deny the opportunity.
  2. The supervisor/PI will be assigned the applicable and accepted laboratory safety inspections in the Raider RAMP portal. The PI can request that the inspection be assigned to a Lab Safety Captain or other laboratory member by emailing ehs.lab.safety@ttu.edu.
  3. The laboratory has 30 calendar-days from the receipt of the email to complete the survey of the pertinent work area(s) and submit the inspection online.
    1. Lab members check the safety findings identified during the self-inspection. Photos can be attached. 
  4. The grace period for corrections to the identified safety departures unable to be "corrected onsite" (COS) are as follows: 
    1. Critical departures - need to be COS or within 24 hours
    2. Non-critical and Administrative departures must be corrected within 30 calendar days.
  5. After survey completion, the PI and EHS are notified via email through the RRAMP system.
  6. For those departures not COS, corrective actions are to be submitted, with evidence of the correction (e.g., photo, work order number, barcode request, etc) through RRAMP
  7. If the survey is not completed within the 30 calendar-day time frame or the safety departures are not corrected and submitted as described in #4 above, EHS will come to perform a safety survey of that space.

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Safety Survey Downloads

Download these documents to self-survey your space.  These documents will not be accepted as your official survey submission to EHS for those able to self-report; these documents are additional tools made available to facilitate survey completion and periodic voluntary self-surveys.  

Those self-reporting to EHS for their annual survey must submit through the RRAMP portal. 

Safety Survey Checklist 2019

Safety Survey for non-biological work

Safety Survey including BSL1 & BSL2 work