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Institutional Compliance Committees

Institutional Compliance Committees are composed of faculty, staff, and community members.  These committees oversee the creation and implementation of necessary safety and regulatory compliance policies for Texas Tech University personnel and review and approve research and teaching activities involving materials or beings subject to state and federal regulations. 

At least one EHS representative sits on each of these committees.  The presence of health & safety professional(s) aids in addressing concerns regarding the health and safety of TTU faculty, staff and students, as well as, facilitates adherence to university policies and the pertinent local, state, and federal regulations.

Institutional Laboratory Safety Committee

The ILSC oversees the Chemical Hygiene Plan, training programs for lab researchers and approves research involving energetic materials.

Institutional Biosafety Committee

The IBC oversees the Biosafety Manual, biological safety training, and approves research involving recombinant & synthetic nucleic acids, Select Agents & Toxins, human & non-human primate materials, and  any agents, organisms and/or vectors that are potentially infectious to humans, animals and/or plants.

Institutional Radiation and Laser Safety Committee

The RLSC oversees the Radiation and Laser Safety Manuals and approves research involving radioactive materials, radiation-producing equipment and lasers. 

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee

IACUC oversees the use of vertebrate animals for all purposes including research and demonstration.

Internal Review Board

The IRB approves all projects involving the use of human subjects to ensure ethical standards are upheld. 



Protocol Review Forms

To facilitate review and approval of research projects, each Institutional Compliance Committee has developed application documents for investigators to submit their research.

Access Forms

Safety Committee Contacts