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sponsored projects research dashboard example

Sponsored Project Research Dashboard

PowerBI Dashboard displaying visualizations and trends for proposal and award data related to sponsored projects.

sponsored projects research reports example

Sponsored Project Research Reports

Cognos reports displaying summarized proposal and award data related to sponsored projects.

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Request a Custom Report

Not finding the information you are seeking?  Request a custom report through this form.


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Academic Analytics

Benchmarking data for administrators, including deans, associate deans, and department chairs. Please note: This data is currently only available to select users. 


Additional Dashboards & Metrics

This data is provided by the Data Management Division of Financial & Business Services.

Faculty Metrics Dashboard

Institutional Research Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access these reports and dashboards?

Users who have been provided access to reports and dashboards will sign in with their eRaider username and password.

Can someone help provide guidance or an overview of the data within these reports and dashboards?

Our teams will be offering individual and group overviews and trainings, to help understand which metrics and data are available and where those metrics are located.

Can I share this information with others?

All research data contained within the Office of Research and Innovation (OR&I) dashboards and reports are intended for internal use only. No data reported on dashboards or reports should necessarily be considered final, nor is it recommended to be reported on externally.  Data is considered final and verified after the second closing fiscal period occurring approximately two weeks after the official end of a fiscal year. It is recommended that official data that is to be shared externally, should be validated and communicated with administration within the OR&I division.

How can I use this data to make decisions about a college, department, or individual?

It is encouraged that internal use of the data (for use in making decisions, evaluating faculty, or to inform departments and colleges on trends) should be carefully reviewed and interpreted on a holistic approach, as individual metrics could possibly represent one part of the productivity and output of that entity.

How will data and metrics related to research endeavors be presented?

OR&I incorporates the use of the PowerBI platform, Cognos reporting, and Academic Analytics software. Additionally, custom reports can be requested and received via email or other preferred formats.

Will there be a glossary of data definitions, to help me navigate these reports and dashboards?

A data glossary of dashboards and the information residing within the dashboards will be available on the landing page.

When can I expect additional dashboards and reports?

While many of these dashboards are functional, others are under development and testing, with release dates planned in the near future.

Dashboards in Development

The Office of Research & Innovation is developing several more targeted metrics dashboards, including:

Lab Space Metrics Dashboard to display visualizations and trends for lab space utilization and productivity.

TUF ROI Dashboard to displays visualizations and Return on Investment metrics on sponsored projects, funding and spending directly related to the Texas University Fund (TUF).

Strategic Initiatives Dashboard to display Strategic Initiatives and progress of Texas Tech's major strategic endeavors.