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Faculty Research Club (FRC)

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The Office of Research & Innovation hosts Faculty Research Club twice a semester. The meeting provides a social setting to stimulate interdisciplinary research collaboration and discussion. Short presentations are made by faculty on their research followed by an opportunity to participate in open and assigned networking sessions to provide presenters and attendees time to discuss research, possible collaborations, and share ideas. Lunch is provided and guest parking is available.

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Presenting September 2021

Arts Research & Outreach 
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1.  Rina Little – Associate Professor, School of Art (rina.little@ttu.edu)
2.  Lesley Wolff – Assistant Professor, School of Art (lesley.wolff@ttu.edu)
3.  Christopher Smith – Professor, School of Music (christopher-m.smith@ttu.edu)
4.  Roger Landes – Instructor, School of Music (roger.landes@ttu.edu)

Presenting November 2021

Meeting topic and presenters will be announced soon
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Previous Presenters

Technology & Society
1. Catherine Christopher – Professor, School of Law (catherine.christopher@ttu.edu)
2. Jaime Banks – Associate Professor, Advertising (j.banks@ttu.edu)
3. Tracy Pearl – Professor, School of Law (tracy.pearl@ttu.edu)
4. Megan Condis - Assistant Professor, Communication Studies (Megan.Condis@ttu.edu)
5. Bobby Schweizer - Assistant Professor, Journalism and Creative Media Industries (Bobby.Schweizer@ttu.edu)

Rural Communities
1. Callie Kostelich – Assistant Professor of Practice, English (callie.kostelich@ttu.edu)
2. Kristine Stiphany – Assistant Professor, Architecture (kristine.stiphany@ttu.edu)
3. Oak-Hee Park – Research Assistant Professor, Human Sciences (oak-hee.park@ttu.edu)

West Texas 3D COVID-19 Relief Consortium
1. Aliza Wong – Professor, Honors College (aliza.wong@ttu.edu)
2. Al Sacco, Jr. – Academic Dean, Engineering (al.sacco-jr@ttu.edu)
3. Jnev Biros – TTU Research Associate, Engineering (jnev.biros@ttu.edu)
4. John Carrell – Assistant Professor, Honors College (john.carrell@ttu.edu)
5. Simon Williams – Professor, Medical Education (simon.williams@ttuhsc.edu)

College of Education Showcase on COVID-19 Related Research
1. Aretha Marbley – Professor, Educational Psychology and Leadership (aretha.marbley@ttu.edu)
2. Jacob Kirksey – Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology and Leadership (jacob.kirskey@ttu.edu)
3. Jessica Gottlieb - Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology and Leadership (jessica.gottlieb@ttu.edu)

Wind Instruments and COVID-19
1. Karin Ardon-Dryer – Assistant Professor, Geosciences (karin.ardon-dryer@ttu.edu)
2. Lisa Garner-Santa – Professor, School of Music (lisa.garner@ttu.edu)
3. Michael San Francisco – Academic Dean, Arts and Sciences (michael.sanfrancisco@ttu.edu)
4. Emily Bailey – Assistant Professor, Public Health (emily.bailey@ttuhsc.edu)