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Newest Tools and Resources

Statistics for biologists (and anyone else who works with data). A frequently updated collection of practical tools for exploring and analyzing data, accompanied by vigorous discussion and commentary. From Nature.com.


Tools for Common Challenges

Developing Professional Skills

  • Ten Simple Rules Collection – Each article in "Ten Simple Rules" provides a quick, concentrated guide for mastering some of the professional challenges that scholars face in their careers. Examples include Ten Simple Rules for a good data management plan, for establishing international collaborations, and to win a Nobel Prize.
  • Making the Right Moves – Based on workshops co-sponsored by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and HHMI, this book provides practical advice from seasoned investigators and includes chapters on laboratory leadership, getting funded, project management, and teaching and course design.
  • Science Careers – Career tools and advice from AAAS
  • ORI – Office of Research Integrity, US DHHS. Click on RCR Resources on the blue ribbon to open a menu of resources. Two of the best are
    • The Lab – an interactive movie (English, Spanish, or Chinese) that allows you to make decisions about questionable research practices
    • The Research Clinic – a simulated research study that lets you become the PI, a research coordinator, an RA, or an IRB Chair

Defining Authorship & Credit

Setting Up Collaborations

Questions for Scientific Collaborators - NIH

Tools for Handling Conflict - NIH Office of the Ombudsperson

Key Skills for Success - NIH Office of the Ombudsperson

Ten Simple Rules for a Successful Collaboration – PLOS Computational Biology

Ten Simple Rules for a Successful Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration - PLOS Computational Biology

Chapter 12: Setting up Collaborations – Making the Right Moves, HHMI

Office of Research & Innovation