Texas Tech University

Faculty Ambassador

Riley Krotz

Riley T. Krotz, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Marketing and AACSRE Emerging Research Fellow at Texas Tech University. Riley’s research explores digital marketing and technology in retail and service settings, with a focus on the organizational frontlines, public policy, and blood donations. Riley’s research has appeared in the Journal of Supply Chain Management, the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, and has been awarded over $160,000 in grant funding. Riley has received numerous recognitions and awards, including the AMA Retail & Pricing SIG Best Paper Award for Significant Contributions to the Retail and Pricing Literature; the Organizational Frontlines Young Scholar Award; the Texas Tech Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award; the Hidden Gem Recognition for Supporting Student Success; the AMA SERVSIG Best Dissertation Award (Finalist); the Difference Maker Award for Outstanding Community Contributions (Finalist); the Dr. Marva Rudolph Award for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; the Innovation in Education Award, among others.