Texas Tech University

iTTU Mentor

Cody Dieterich

Functional Expertise

    • Revenue Strategy
    • Product Development
    • Customer Retention/Management

Industry Expertise

    • Technology
    • Customer Success
    • Consultant

Cody is a tech industry leader who focuses on overall revenue strategy, customer-driven product development, and organizational structuring. Cody started his career working in consulting where he worked alongside the Big 3 Management Consulting firms. He then moved into the SaaS (software as a service) space where he has led customer success departments overseeing as much as $180mm in annual revenue. He has worked at startups and large-scale companies to help them build out their account management processes. Cody's expertise is in designing customer lifecycles, identifying core customer needs and subsequent product solutions, driving revenue retention, coaching customer-focused organizations (customer success, implementations, consulting teams, account management, etc.), and establishing understanding of buyer profiles. Cody lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Rachel, and their newborn daughter, Declan. He graduated from Texas Tech with dual degrees in 2013.