Texas Tech University

iTTU Mentor

Daniel Green

Functional Expertise

    • Ethics
    • Data Analytics
    • Public Relations

Industry Expertise

    • Technical Solutions
    • Senior Leadership
    • Entrepreneurship

Daniel Green, President of EverChain North America, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the consumer debt sales industry by utilizing advanced technology to promote transparency, compliance, and ethical practices that protect all parties involved, including creditors, debt buyers, and consumers. His unwavering passion for consumer protection and commitment to delivering innovative tech-driven solutions drive EverChain's mission to create a fairer and more equitable debt recovery process.

Boasting over two decades of global experience, Daniel's remarkable background encompasses co-founding a groundbreaking big data company in 2007 and holding leadership positions in various industries across Europe, Asia, and the US. His dedication to forging robust relationships with creditors and buyers, coupled with his focus on upholding the highest industry standards, solidifies his position as a highly regarded thought leader in the receivables management industry. Through his vision, Daniel is molding a more just and compassionate approach to consumer debt management, ensuring protection, fairness, and accountability for everyone in the chain.