Texas Tech University

iTTU Mentor

Mark Nair

Functional Expertise

    • Technology/Coding
    • Technology Property
    • Marketing & Retail

Industry Expertise

    • Content/Entertainment/Music...
    • Alternative Energy/Green Power
    • Communication/Organizations & Politics

Mark Nair is an inventor and entrepreneur. He has spent more than 20 years in the entertainment industry building digital platforms that handle digital content, rights management, and digital distribution.

He has worked with a variety of startup companies in the technology space and has worked with large companies, including Nokia, Walmart, Philips Electronics, Quanta Computers, and Apple. He has several patents, including patents on intelligent automated computer agents, photoelectric cells, and encryption.

He's been invited to speak for a variety of panels and institutions including: the National Association of Broadcasters, QuickTime Live, the Consumer Electronics Show, Rice University, and the Hong Kong science museum. Mark has his undergraduate and Master's degrees from Texas A&M University and attended law school at the University of Texas School of Law. He also serves as an elected council member for the city of Amarillo.