Texas Tech University

iTTU Mentor

Anthony Presley

Functional Expertise

    • Development
    • Marketing
    • Leadership Development

Industry Expertise

    • Retail
    • Software/Hardware Development
    • Online Business/Supply Chain

Anthony Presley went from being a Navy brat to living in Lubbock, Texas to go to school at Texas Tech University, enrolled in the EE/CS programs. He studied and worked hard, and launched several businesses while in college, and loved to work in a fast paced “get stuff done” environment.

Passionate about business growth, Anthony helped customers all over the world grow their business through outsourced strategic and tactical roles – with clients ranging from publishing moguls to patent attorneys, from telecom companies to medical devices. He delivered growth and happiness for customers and team members all over the globe and was able to take advantage of a number of opportunities to branch into roles in marketing and sales while running national ad campaigns online and shooting television commercials.

Anthony's enjoys growing and leading entrepreneurial efforts and helping innovators get ideas out the door and a business built around their execution.