Texas Tech University

iTTU Mentor

Evan Stone

Functional Expertise

    • Innovation Strategies
    • Business Development
    • Operations
    • Finance

Industry Expertise

    • Entrepreneur
    • Strategic Planning
    • Team Management

Evan is the Vice President of Operations and Business Development at Agrellus, Inc. He is a strategic visionary and business-inclined leader with a full range of unique executive proficiencies inclusive of revenue growth, corporate strategy/direction, and operational excellence. Evan has delivered historic triumphs in leading productive teams to overcome challenges and meet business objectives in compliance with established policies and procedures. Evan is recognized as an operations leader delivering sustainable, profitable growth through innovative and reliable change management. He is experienced in designing and implementing communications plans and outreach strategies that result in stakeholder and community buy-in predicated on trust and support.Evan and his wife and business partner, Cele, are serial entrepreneurs. Evan helped craft the successful exit of their first company in 2019. Since that time, they have focused their investing efforts on real estate and agriculture.