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SCC Fund for Excellence

The SCC Fund for Excellence is used to support the operations and services of the Student Counseling Center.  These needs include but are not limited to:  student self-help workbooks and materials, equipment for the student Mind/Spa facility, and additional office equipment.

Proceeds from the Student Counseling Center Fund for Excellence facilitate student success in many ways, including:

  • Purchasing new and updated technology for the SCC's MindSpa facility.  The MindSpa is a highly utilized self-help facility located within the Student Counseling Center.  Students can reserve time in the MindSpa and use its various self-help resources (e.g., massage chair, biofeedback equipment, meditation cushions) to reduce anxiety symptoms and learn healthy ways to manage stress.
  • Purchasing a variety of self-help workbooks for students to assist them in continuing progress between counseling sessions or after counseling has ended.  These workbooks are given to students who are unable to afford purchasing them on their own.
  • Updating technology to facilitate student use of Student Counseling Center services.  This includes purchasing replacement tablets, which students access in the SCC waiting room to complete initial health information forms and to complete periodic measures to monitor progress over the course of counseling.

The goal of the Student Counseling Center Fund for Excellence is to assist students in finding additional ways to foster positive mental health coping strategies, which can result in better academic and overall functioning.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in donating, gifts can be made online directly to the Student Counseling Center Fund for Excellence.

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Reviewed 5/1/23

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