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Brief Couples Counseling

Eligibility for Couples Counseling

The Student Counseling Center offers couples counseling for students. All partners must be enrolled TTU Students unless they are participating in the Relationship Enhancement Center (see below). Only one partner has to be enrolled as a TTU Student to participate in the Relationship Enhancement Center which is offered in the Spring Semester only. Services are provided for other-sex and same-sex partners. Couples in any kind of living arrangement are welcome (dating, married, engaged, living together, or considering divorce). The SCC does NOT offer custody evaluations, court-ordered assessments or court-ordered therapy.

To begin couples counseling, please call the SCC front desk to arrange for an initial assessment appointment for you and your partner.

Referral Resources

If either partner is not a currently registered TTU student OR if you cannot meet as a couple during our hours of operation (8am to 5pm), we can refer you to other places in the community or on campus. Both the Family Therapy Clinic (phone: 742-3074) and the Psychology Clinic (phone: 742-3737) on campus offer couples counseling, charging a fee which is determined based on income (they do NOT take insurance).

Relationship Enhancement Center

As an alternative to regular couples therapy sessions with an individual therapist, the Relationship Enhancement Center (REC) is a specific therapy program designed to help students learn to communicate with their partners more effectively. The REC is only offered in the Spring Semester. Therapy is conducted by two therapists in the room and a team of therapists and supervisors (via one-way mirrors) who provide additional guidance as the session progresses

Please contact John Purcell, LMFT,  or Kim Durbin, LPC,  or call (806)742-3674 for further information if needed.

Reviewed 5/1/23


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