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Available Group Therapy

See below for some of our common group therapy options. Groups offered are subject to change, and rotate as active options depending on the semester. Contact the Student Counseling Center at 806.742.3674 for current info regarding groups offered this semester.

**All Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 SCC group therapy options will be offered via distanced-teletherapy (secure videoconferencing) throughout the semester due to COVID-19 safety considerations. No SCC groups will be planning to meet in person at this time. See list of Fall 2020 groups below for tentative group options.**


**All Spring 2021 Groups will
    be offered via secure teletherapy 
    throughout the semester.**

Expressive Arts Interpersonal Process Group
Mondays 2pm - 330pm

Journey to Wholeness: EMDR Group Therapy for Racial Trauma
Not available this semester

Journey to Wholeness: EMDR Group Therapy for Trauma Survivors
Wednesdays 2pm - 330pm

Mindfulness & Relaxation Skills Group
Wednesdays 1pm - 2pm

Graduate Students Support Group
Thursdays 2pm - 330pm

Safe Haven
Fridays 230pm - 4pm

Trans Support Group
Mondays 3pm - 430pm

Weighting for Inner Peace
Not available this semester

The Healing Room
Wednesdays 330pm - 5pm

Manage Your Mood
Fridays 1pm - 2pm

Understanding Self and Others Group (USO) / Expressive Arts Interpersonal Process Group

Group members explore and discuss patterns of relating to self and others by discovering acceptance and understanding of themselves and others. Topics of discussion vary greatly from depression, anxiety, relationships, family concerns, eating issues, alcohol abuse and/or personal growth. The groups thrive on diversity as members discover the common bond through emotional experiences.

Certain semesters may include an Expressive Arts section of this group, during which members are able to explore themes of interpersonal relatedness through participation in various creative activities.

Journey to Wholeness Series

A series of groups focused on provision of skills and treatment of posttraumatic stress.  This series may include multiple group options for a variety of topics involving support for those who have endured traumatic experience.  See groups list for the current semester for an updated list of available Journey to Wholeness group options.  Rotating options may not be available all semesters.

Safe Haven: A Therapy Group for the LGBTQ Community

A small and unstructured group in a safe and supportive environment to help you develop individualized coping strategies to increase your social performance and satisfaction. Topics of discussion may include struggles with identity, acceptance, or general relationship concerns.

Transgender/Non-Binary Support Group

Open to any student wanting to discuss and explore gender identity concerns. It is suitable for any student that is questioning or firm in their identity as being gender non-conforming.

Weighting for Inner Peace

A therapy group designed for clients struggling with disordered eating (of any form) and/or body image concerns. While this group will include components of a typical process group (i.e., personal sharing, working to relate others, empathizing, etc.), it will be based largely on different experiential exercises.

Taking Back Hope

A group that provides some education and ability to discuss and process experiences for those who may have any mood disorder. This group provides many opportunities to learn about how to work through mood disorders and prepare students for the USO groups. The group remains open throughout the semester.

This group is not offered every semester.

Mindfulness & Relaxation Skills Group / Build Your Social Confidence (BYSC)

Mindfulness & Relaxation group is a weekly rotating skills-rehearsal group meant to help in learning and implementation of stress-reduction, grounding, mindfulness, and other relaxation techniques.  Not offered every semester.

Build Your Social Confidence is a supportive group focused on improving confidence in social situations. Through group activities, members learn and practice new ways to deal with difficult social situations like joining conversations, forming friendships, public speaking, and asserting oneself.  Not offered every semester.

Manage Your Mood (MYM)

A weekly, rotating group covering a variety of topics that apply to each of our lives. Topics include family and romantic relationships, emotional health and managing depression and anxiety, dealing with life-transitions, and use of mindfulness and relaxation techniques to strengthen wellness. MYM groups are open throughout the semester, meeting consecutively for four weeks at a time.

The Healing Room: Recovering Childhood

This therapy group is designed to identify and explore common traits that emerge from childhood experiences in homes with addiction/abuse, combat resulting shame and guilt, promote self-compassion, improve relationships, and form a sense of community and connection with others.

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