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With each new semester, many of us suffer the negative effects of stress with few opportunities for relief and rejuvenation. The Student Counseling Center MindSpa provides Texas Tech enrolled students, faculty, and staff a sanctuary in which to pamper and nurture mind, body, and spirit.

Our MindSpa provides many tools for stress management. The zero-gravity massage chair can help relieve muscle tension through a variety of massage styles and air pressure settings. The Zafu and Zabuton allow for a comfortable sitting position for meditation and reflection. The stress management Audio-Video Library contains recordings on a wide range of topics including yoga nidra, breathing exercises, guided imagery, affirmations, and meditation. The library also includes relaxing music and sounds such as singing bowls, ocean waves, and rain. The library's Video Journeys allow one to take a mini-vacation without leaving Lubbock. We also offer Biofeedback software which teaches breathing and imagery techniques for managing stress at a physiological level. Finally, we have an Xbox 360 with games which assist you in full body relaxation through sounds, imagery, and movement. Yoga mats and some mind-body exercise DVDs are available for you to use as well.




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