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Stress reduction and relaxation room

The MINDSPA provides Texas Tech enrolled students, faculty, and staff a space for deliberate and intentional relaxation and stress management. Equipped with many features and tools to help you relax your body and calm your mind.

The MINDSPA provides a comfortable and private space for stress reducing activities, that isn't always easy to find on a busy campus.

Zero-Gravity Massage Chair:

Massage Chair

Stress is a physiological response to anything our bodies or minds perceive as a threat, and often that physiological response leads to tension in our muscles. Massage, stretching, and exercise can help relieve muscle tension caused by stress that we may not be aware of day-to-day.  

Virtual Reality for Relaxation and Play:


New with the Fall 2022 Semester. Virtual reality offers immediate access to a whole world of experiences. The MINDSPA has VR hardware available for students to use as a part of their MINDSPA session. You can use VR to explore a tropical rain forest or beach halfway across the globe, immerse yourself in a meditation exercise, simulate relaxing activities like fishing or tai chi, let your mind focus on a 3D puzzle, or find ways new ways to express your creativity! 

Virtual Reality headset and controllers must be requested from the front office when arriving for a MINDSPA appointment.

 Audio-Video Library:

The stress management audio-video library contains recordings for yoga nidra, breathing exercises, guided imagery, affirmations, and meditation. The library also includes relaxing music and sounds such as singing bowls, ocean waves, and rain. 

Yoga Mats and Zafu and Sabuton sets:

Cushions and Mat

The MINDSPA has plenty of space to roll out a yoga mat and practice moving meditation, gentle physical exercise, or somatic mind-body exercises. You can follow a video guide from one of our mind-body exercise DVDs, use the computer to find a guided exercise online, or practice independently. 

The Zafu and Sabuton sets available are cushions that allow for comfortable sitting positions for sitting meditation and reflection. 



Equipped with sensors that read bio-metric data such as respiration and heart rate, the MINDSPA offers software that coaches stress reduction strategies while seeing the real-time impact on your physiology. 

MINDSPA Mindfulness Series:


Mindfulness exercises led by Student Counseling Center therapists are available in the audio-visual library, on our website, and by scanning the QR code located on the themed posters in the MINDSPA. Currently three exercises are available:

Leaves on a Stream

Loving Kindness

Progressive Muscle Relaxation


Reviewed 5/1/23


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