Texas Tech University

Note From The Practicum Coordinator

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the practicum training program at the Student Counseling Center (SCC)! All graduate students in the counseling, clinical, and educational psychology fields who are interested in and qualified for a practicum are welcome to submit application materials to the Coordinator of Practicum Training, Dr. Nancy S. Robinson, at the SCC.

The due date for practicum or trainee applications for Fall 2024 is April 3, 2024. 
You are always welcome to submit your application ahead of time. Please note that an in-person interview is a requirement.

The Student Counseling Center seeks to meet the needs of our clients as well as the training needs of graduate students in the counseling and psychology fields. The value we place on training i s evidenced in the high quality, in-depth supervision and other training provided by staff psychologists and psychology interns. We devote a great amount of time and energy to training in the practicum program and in our APA-accredited Pre-doctoral Internship Program because we feel it enhances our professional growth and contributes to the dynamic nature of our center. We value and appreciate our trainees, as they are an important part of our mission to provide counseling services to the university community!


Nancy S. Robinson, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Practicum Training



Reviewed 1/25/24


Student Counseling Center