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Supervision Disclosure



 Summer 2020

The Student Counseling Center provides training opportunities for graduate practicum students, doctoral psychology interns, and post graduate trainees. Per Texas State Law, it is our responsibility to inform our clients of the trainee status of these therapists and to provide the name and contact information for the licensed supervisor(s). All of the listed supervisors are available at 201 Student Wellness Center, (806) 742-3674, unless otherwise specified.

Practicum Students 
Licensed Supervisors
Travis Brace, M.A
Nancy Robinson, Ph.D. (Primary)
Jacob Daheim, M.A.    
Sam Farley, Ph.D. (Primary)
Gabriela Manzo
Lisa Whitfield, Psy.D. (Primary)
Matthew Sharkey
Sam Farley, Ph.D. (Primary)
Michael Vitro, M.A.
Lisa Viator, Ph.D. (Primary)
Doctoral Interns
Licensed Supervisors  
Lauren Garza, M.A.
Lisa Viator, Ph.D. (Primary)   
Kyle Schindler, Ph.D. (Assessment)
Sam Farley, Ph.D. (Rotation)
Russ Jackson
Richard Lenox, Ph.D. (Primary)
Lisa Viator, Ph.D. (Assessment)
Austin Johnson, M.A.
Amanda Wheeler, Ph.D. (Primary)
Trevor Ludington, M.S.
Marie Moerkbak, Ph.D. (Primary)
Nancy Robinson, Ph.D. (Assessment)
Rob Wozniak, M.Ed., LPC (Rotation)
Post Doc/Post Graduate
Licensed Supervisors
John Purcell, LMFT-A

 Richard Lenox, Ph.D. (Primary)                             Heather Austin, Ph.D.* (Licensure)


*Off-site 806-834-7096

Student Counseling Center