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The SCC Email Policy

E-mail is *NOT* Confidential:

Please read our policy before contacting any staff
member at the Student Counseling Center.

The Student Counseling Center staff welcome your contact. We also value your privacy and therefore offer the following information to help you decide on the best method for reaching us. We take your time and confidentiality very seriously and therefore consider it imperative that you understand the limitations of our use of e-mail technology.

E-mail is not an appropriate medium for personal counseling. If you are a Tech student seeking personal counseling, please visit our office in 201 Student Wellness Center or call 742-3674 during office hours (8-5 M-F).

Confidentiality is essential to the counseling process and cannot be assured with e-mail. Therefore, we do not respond to inquiries from our clients regarding specific counseling issues. While we will do our best to keep your communication private, our university administration reserves the right to monitor our e-mail usage and might therefore see the text of your message. If you are in any way concerned about the contents of your e-mail being read by someone other than the person you are contacting, please consider an alternate form of communication.

When we respond to your e-mail, we will respond to the address from which it is sent unless you provide an alternate e-mail address. Please confirm the "reply to" address is correct before writing.

Keep in mind that we do not read e-mail on a regular, daily basis. Our access to e-mail is limited by our work hours, and we do not have access to e-mail after hours or on weekends. Also, you have no way of knowing if one of us is unavailable due to illness, vacation, or other reasons. This means that your message may not be read immediately. If time is of particular concern for you, please consider calling our office instead.

If you agree to the conditions shown above, click on your back button to return to the staff page, and click on the name of the staff member you would like to contact.


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