Texas Tech University

Available Group Therapy

All SCC groups are typically closed groups that meet throughout the semester, with each requiring a clinical referral through a confidential meeting with a staff counselor based on individualized goals and clinical need.  Enrolled TTU students interested in learning more about groups are recommended to come by the SCC Walk-In Clinic hours held Mon-Fri from 12:30pm-3:30pm.

Interpersonal Process Groups

The SCC offers multiple sections of interpersonal process groups, also titled Understanding Self & Others (USO) groups, each semester.  These general group styles are focused on various topics and typically accommodate any number of concerns or goal-sets, particularly those that wish to “workshop” new ways of being or interacting with those around them in a collaborative and open way.

Support Groups

Each semester the SCC holds shifting Support Groups surrounding various topics, such as common concerns or issues experienced by students, providing space to share with peers and support one another.  Support Groups are often themed around these common challenges, are closed groups requiring a clinical referral by SCC staff.  Given that SCC Support Groups are offered on a rotating basis, some groups previously offered may not recur regularly each semester.

Skills Groups

SCC offers semesterly and rotating groups surrounding a specific concern or challenge with collaborative interventions and programming that involves systematically working through a problem, challenging an issue head-on and with support, or guided processing through difficult past experiences.  Skills Groups held at SCC are often activities-based in addition to support-oriented, aiming to assist members in managing concerns in a different or more therapeutic way moving forward.



Reviewed 5/1/23


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