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URC 2021

In collaboration with the full Discoveries to Impact Week committee, the 2021 Undergraudate Research Conference has transitioned to a virtual format. While we look forward to when we can safely meet again in person, we are excited at the opportunity to engage with students and their projects in a new, engaging format!

Please contact us at true@ttu.edu if you have any questions or concerns about TTU URC 2021!

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Abstract Directory

Please use the button below to access our URC 2021 Abstract Directory. Report any errors to true@ttu.edu with email subject line "Directory Error".

URC 2021 Abstract Directory

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Conference Overview

URC 2021 will be a fully virtual conference. Each project has been asked to submit a pre-recorded presentation for review by scholars from their repsective academic discipline and to prepare a brief Impact Talk for synchronous presentation to a group of undergraduate student peers on Tuesday, March 30. URC 2021 attendees will have the opportunity to review the pre-recorded content asynchronously and interact with student presenters during the Impact Talk sessions.

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Presenter Deadlines

Date Task
January 27, 2021 Abstracts Due
February 3, 2021 Faculty Mentor Abstract Review Due
March 8, 2021 Pre-recorded YouTube Presentations Due
PDF Slide for Live Impact Talk Due
March 30, 2021 Undergraduate Research Conference Live Sessions

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Information Sessions & Presenter Resources

Presenter Information and Support Sessions:

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Session Descriptions and Review Rubrics

Each undergraduate student project accepted to the URC 2021 has been asked to prepare both of the following:

  • Pre-recorded Conference Presentation: Each project should submit a single YouTube video highlighting their work in a fashion that best aligns with the format and norms of their academic discipline. As an example, presentations following a traditional research poster format might record a 3-5 minute talk while capturing a digital display of their poster design. Projects following a paper or oral presentation style could opt to use the full 15 minute time limit to record a student presenting with supporting slides. The TrUE team is working to recruit discipline-aligned reviewers to provide the highest quality review and feedback possible. Be sure to contact TrUE if you or your student has any questions or concerns about preparing the pre-recorded submission. RUBRIC (.PDF)
  • Live Impact Talk: Each individual student accepted to the conference will be asked to participate in a synchronous Impact talk session as a part of the URC activites on Tueday, March 30. These sessions focus on giving students the opportunity to hone their skills in communicating about their work with a non-expert audience, and they will be held via Zoom. Students will present for up to 3 mins to groups of their peers--focusing on articulating the impact of their projects. RUBRIC (.PDF)

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LEDA Outstanding Project and Presenter Awards

Thanks to a generous donation from the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance, URC 2021 will award more than $17,000 in outstanding project and presenter prizes. This contribution is in recognition of the powerful impact made by undergraduate research and creative activities at Texas Tech University! LEDA enthusiastically recognizes all students who are positively impacting our community, state, and world!

Please note that presenters must fully participate in both session formats to be eligible for an award. In cases where projects were submitted with co-presenters, we are asking that both co-presenters fully participate in both phases of the conference for the project or individual presenters to be eligible for an award in either category.

Awards for both session formats will be made within each of the URC 2021 Impact Areas:

  • Agricultural Impact
  • Creative & Cultural Impact
  • Economic Impact
  • Education Impact
  • Energy & Environmental Impact
  • Health & Well-Being Impact
  • Safety Impact
  • Social Impact
  • Technology Impact

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