Texas Tech University

Incoming Student Required Items

Ipad Requirement:

All DVM students are required to have an iPad to use during their pre-clinical years. The device will be used for core course examinations, in conjunction with handheld ultrasounds, in accessing veterinary specific apps, for review of electronic materials in Blackboard, and for annotation of electronic notes as needed.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. iPad Pro (4th or 5th generation) or iPad Air (4th or 5th generation) with usb-c connection

    1. usb-c is required to interface with handheld ultrasound machines you will be using
  2. iPad privacy screen protector for use during examination - removable for use with ultrasound
  3. iPad case/stand that will allow front facing camera to record your face for examinations
  4. iPad keyboard
  5. iPad 2nd gen pen

Protective Clothing:

  1. Coveralls – Summer (required) and winter (optional) – example below – Blue or green for summer, Blue/green/brown for winter
    1. Pella Vet
    2. Amazon- Veterinary Coveralls
    3. Carhartt- Bib Overalls & Coveralls
  2. Washable rubber boots – pull over or slip on rubber boot that can be disinfected (work boots are not acceptable) – no neoprene – must be all rubber outer – examples below:
    1. Tractor Supply- Premium Rubber Knee Rain Boots
    2. Tractor Supply- Itasca Men's Mid Tier Rubber Boots
    3. Amazon- Thorogood Men's Infinity
    4. Amazon- Servus MAX Women's Work Boots
    5. Tingley Rubber- Winter-Tuff 10 inch Ice Traction Overshoe
    6. Tingley Rubber- Winter-Tuff 4 Buckle Ice Traction Overshoe
  3. Durable work boots – cowboy boots or other durable leather type boot for use around large animals
  4. White coats – one long (~37-42”) and one short (~30-32”) – examples below:
    1. Veterinary Apparel- Women's High Performance Lab Coat
    2. Veterinary Apparel- Women's Finest Doctors Coat
    3. Veterinary Apparel- Men's High Performance Lab Coat
    4. Veterinary Apparel- Finest Men's Doctor's Coat
    5. Allheart (women)
    6. Allheart (men)
    7. A2Z Uniforms
  5. Scrubs – 2 pairs – one red pair and one black pair (TTU colors) – examples below:
    1. Allheart (men)
    2. Allheart (women)
    3. A2Z Uniforms
    4. Veterinary Apparel
  6. Safety glasses Must have ANSI compliance – example below:
    1. Safety Glasses USA- Pyramex Intruder Safety Glasses with Clear Lens
    2. Amazon- Safety Glasses Ansi


  1. Stethoscope – no need for purchase as it will be supplied
  2. Digital Thermometer – example:
    1. Amazon- Digital Rectal Thermometer
  3. Lister Bandage Scissors – examples:
    1. Economy-
      1. Jorgensen Labs- Lister Bandage Scissors 5 1/2″
      2. Jorgensen Labs- Lister Bandage Scissors 7 1/2″
    2. German-
      1. Jorgensen Labs- Lister Bandage Scissors, German-Made 5 1/2"
      2. Jorgensen Labs- Lister Bandage Scissors, German-Made 7 1/2"
    3. Universal Surgical Instruments
  4. Pleximeter (diagnostic hammer) – example
    1. Amazon- Primacare DH-3692 Taylor Neuro Hammer
  5. Penlight with replaceable batteries
  6. Hemostat - example
    1. Jorgensen Labs- Kelly Forceps Curved
  7. Needle Holder – example (please get left handed ones if you are left handed)
    1. Jorgensen Labs- Aesculap AG, Mayo Hegar, Needle Holders 7″
  8. Suture scissors - example
    1. Jorgensen Labs- Littauer Stitch Scissors
  9. Thumb forceps - example
    1. Jorgensen Labs- Tissue Forceps 1 x 2
  10. Misc – sharpie, flash drive