Texas Tech University

Incoming Student Required Items

Ipad Requirement:

All DVM students must have an iPad to use during their pre-clinical years. The device will be utilized for core course examinations, in conjunction with handheld ultrasounds, to access veterinary-specific apps, review electronic materials in Blackboard, and annotate electronic notes as needed.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. iPad Pro (latest generation) or iPad Air (latest generation) with USB-C connection. Compare iPads here.

    1. USB-C is required to interface with the handheld ultrasound machines you will be using.
  2. iPad privacy screen protector for use during examination and removable for use with ultrasound
  3. iPad-compatible case/stand
  4. iPad compatible keyboard
  5. iPad 2nd gen pen

Protective Clothing:

  1. Coveralls – Summer (required) and winter (optional) – example below – Blue or green for summer, Blue/green/brown for winter
    1. Pella Vet
    2. Amazon- Veterinary Coveralls
    3. Carhartt- Bib Overalls & Coveralls
  2. Washable rubber boots – pull over or slip on rubber boot that can be disinfected (work boots are not acceptable) – no neoprene – must be all rubber outer – examples below:
    1. Tractor Supply- Premium Rubber Knee Rain Boots
    2. Tractor Supply- Itasca Men's Mid Tier Rubber Boots
    3. Amazon- Thorogood Men's Infinity
    4. Amazon- Servus MAX Women's Work Boots
    5. Tingley Rubber- Winter-Tuff 10 inch Ice Traction Overshoe
    6. Tingley Rubber- Winter-Tuff 4 Buckle Ice Traction Overshoe
  3. Durable work boots – cowboy boots or other durable leather type boot for use around large animals
  4. White coats – one long (~37-42”) and one short (~30-32”) – examples below:
    1. Veterinary Apparel- Women's High Performance Lab Coat
    2. Veterinary Apparel- Women's Finest Doctors Coat
    3. Veterinary Apparel- Men's High Performance Lab Coat
    4. Veterinary Apparel- Finest Men's Doctor's Coat
    5. Allheart (women)
    6. Allheart (men)
    7. A2Z Uniforms
  5. Scrubs – 2 pairs – one red pair and one black pair (TTU colors) – examples below:
    1. Allheart (men)
    2. Allheart (women)
    3. A2Z Uniforms
    4. Veterinary Apparel
  6. Safety glasses Must have ANSI compliance – example below:
    1. Safety Glasses USA- Pyramex Intruder Safety Glasses with Clear Lens
    2. Amazon- Safety Glasses Ansi


  1. Stethoscope – no need for purchase as it will be supplied
  2. Digital Thermometer – example:
    1. Amazon- Digital Rectal Thermometer
  3. Lister Bandage Scissors – examples:
    1. Economy-
      1. Jorgensen Labs- Lister Bandage Scissors 5 1/2″
      2. Jorgensen Labs- Lister Bandage Scissors 7 1/2″
    2. German-
      1. Jorgensen Labs- Lister Bandage Scissors, German-Made 5 1/2"
      2. Jorgensen Labs- Lister Bandage Scissors, German-Made 7 1/2"
    3. Universal Surgical Instruments
  4. Pleximeter (diagnostic hammer) – example
    1. Amazon- Primacare DH-3692 Taylor Neuro Hammer
  5. Penlight with replaceable batteries
  6. Hemostat - example
    1. Jorgensen Labs- Kelly Forceps Curved
  7. Needle Holder – example (please get left handed ones if you are left handed)
    1. Jorgensen Labs- Aesculap AG, Mayo Hegar, Needle Holders 7″
  8. Suture scissors - example
    1. Jorgensen Labs- Littauer Stitch Scissors
  9. Thumb forceps - example
    1. Jorgensen Labs- Tissue Forceps 1 x 2
  10. Misc – sharpie, flash drive