Texas Tech University

2022-2023 One Health Faculty Research Club Topics

Monthly Faculty Research Club discussions allow faculty throughout the Texas Tech University and Health Sciences Center systems to talk about research projects and develop interdisciplinary collaborations to advance scientific discovery.

Date Topic Speakers
9/1/2022 One Health
  • Predictive modeling and correlation between cephem resistance and beta-lactamase genes in retail meat-derived Salmonella enterica
  • “Educated microbes” in One Health
  • Salmonella: An Unexpected (& Unfinished) Love Affair
  • People and projects in the InfantRisk Center

Babafela Awosile

Gizem Levent

Guy Loneragan

Tom Hale

10/6/2022 Food Sciences, Food Safety, Nutritional Sciences
  • Applied Microbiology To Food Safety Achieving One Health!
  • Technology to generate ex vivo model

Mahmoud Ahmed, PhD

Alexandra Calle

Jon Thompson

Annelise Nguyen

12/1/22 Prevention Programs, Preparedness, Response, and Management
  • The Intersection of Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine: What Veterinarians Wish Pharmacists Knew
  • Amarillo Area Public Health
  • Infectious disease detection, diagnosis and surveillance
  • A mutual insurance framework for agro-crime and agro-terror

Shelly Seth

Kaci Bohn

Todd Bell

Smriti Shringi

Gizem Levent

2/2/2023 Zoonotic Diseases and Rare Disease
  • Salmonella serotypes distribution in food animals before, at, and after slaughter in relation to human-derived
  • Equine Gastrointestinal Microbiome
  • TTU Health Sciences Center

Blaine Johnson

Babafela Awosile

Carolyn Arnold

Tetyana Vasylyeva

3/2/2023 Community Research
  • Equine Orthopedics
  • Prevalence of the Raccoon Roundworm in Panhandle and West Texas Raccoons

Clinton J. Roof

Trista Mills

Elpida Artemiou

Chris Morrow

James A. Brown

Jason M. Fritzler

4/6/2023 Health Interventions
  • Oral chemotherapy for debilitating cancers
  • Fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT)

Antu Radhakrishnan

Fernanda Rosa

Theresa Brown

Sarah Wagner

5/4/2023 Human-Animal Interactions
  • Validation and Application of a Survey of Hispanic Worker Attitudes Towards Pig Euthanasia
  • TTU-SVM One Health Sciences Program
  • Why Do I Want to Work for You?
  • #TeamVERO Research Focus
  • Animal Health Research at WT
  • NSF I-Corps

Nichole Anderson

Arlene Garcia

John Gibbons

Mallory Vestal

Paul Morley

John Richeson

Ganga Baskar

6/1/2023 Environment Health TBD