Texas Tech University

Elpida Artemiou, BSc, MSc, PhD, AFAMEE

Professor of Veterinary Communications

About Me

I grew up on the beautiful island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea, youngest of three siblings, and with our adored Siamese cats and Pekinese dogs. From a very young age, passionate about traveling, culture, languages, art and learning, I left home to pursue a higher education. With a full scholarship my first undergraduate education was at Moscow State University, Lomonosof, Russia and continued my education by attending McGill University, Canada, and Universita Ambrosiana, International Medical Education, Italy. St. Kitts in the Caribbean has been my second home for over 20 years where I also devoted my work on clinical communication at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Since February 2023 Amarillo has become our new home for the family including our 13-year-old Kittian mixed dog.


Clinical Communication & Professional Skills


My research is focused on clinical communication, simulation-based teaching and learning, and outcome assessments including establishing the role of simulated clients as raters in veterinary objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE), Mind-Body Stress Reduction (MBSR) and wellbeing, and benefits surrounding the Human Animal Bond (HAB).


Currently serving as chair elect and core member representing North America for the Council on International Veterinary Medical Education (CIVME); Taskforce Member of International Council for Veterinary Assessment (ICVA), Member Credentialing Committee of Academic Veterinary Educators, Associate Fellow of the International Association for Medical Education Europe (AMEE), Committee Member of the International Conference on Communication in Veterinary Medicine (ICCVM), Review editor for Frontiers in Veterinary Sciences; Special issue editor for the Journal of Veterinary Sciences: Theme issue 8th International Conference on Communication in Veterinary Medicine (ICCVM). Past member JVME Editorial Board.