Texas Tech University


We are pleased to announce these awards for our School of Veterinary Medicine Faculty to support their research and innovation!


May 2024


Dr. Elpida Artemiou

Co-PIs: Linda Dascanio, Dr. Marcelo Schmidt, Dr. Stephanie Myers, Dr. Howard Rodriguez-Mori, Dr. Blaine Johnson, Dr. Michael Cruz Penn, and Dr. Guy Loneragan

Project: Targeted Communication & Educational Training for Farm Animal Veterinarians and Students: Enhancing Adherence to Postmortem Procedures.

Sponsor: United States Department of Ag

April 2024


Dr. Ryan Williams

Project: A Distribution - Level Health Assessment of Rio Grande Wild Turkeys

Sponsor: National Wild Turkey Federation

Amount: $30,156.60

February 2024


Dr. Laszlo Hunyadi and Dr. Emily Sundman

Project: Pilot Study to Evaluate Novel Biomarkers and Proteomics of Equine Asthma

Sponsor: Zoetis

Amount: $153,195.00

December 2023


Dr. Prasanth Chelikani

Title: “Maternal dietary resistant starch to protect against diabetes and obesity in mothers and offspring”

Sponsor: Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation

Amount: $50,000.00