Texas Tech University


A Multi-University Consortium in Wind Energy Education


Wind-U is a multi-university collaborative graduate certificate program funded by the National Science Foundation to address current needs in one of the fastest growing employment sectors in North America – the wind energy industry.


Wind-U combines the expertise of renowned wind energy scientists, specialists, and academics to offer a unique graduate-level program for wind energy engineers, developers, and professionals looking to enhance their knowledge of all facets of the wind energy industry including turbine design and engineering, project development, energy policy, finance, and repower. 

Fall 2022 Course Offerings:

Course Number: Name: Description: Teaching University:
WE 5300 Advanced Technical Wind Energy I A multidisciplinary course for students with a physical science/engineering background wishing to pursue a technical approach to wind energy.  TTU - Dr. Manohar Chamana
WE 5310 Wind Energy Law, Policy, and Regulation The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of the economic principles affecting wind project development from greenfield to decommissioning or repower. TTU
WE 5332 Special Topics: Grid Integration of Renewable Energy   NAU

Spring 2023 Course Offerings:

Course Number: Name: Teaching University:
WE 5301 Advanced Technical Wind Energy II TTU
WE 5311 Wind Energy Finance, Economics, and Policy TTU
WE 5332 Special Topics: Advanced Wind Power Conversion NAU

Benefits of Wind-U

  • A choice between technical and managerial tracks for students
  • Guest webinars by wind industry professionals at the top of their fields
  • Opportunity to learn from educational experts from other top universities
  • Access to the latest information in the industry
  • Improved job opportunities
  • Access to a wider variety of wind energy educational topics

Take a class or earn a Wind Energy Certificate at TTU

Furthering your wind energy education through Wind-U means you can be a TTU student and take one of several TTU-taught classes or take a class through one of our partner universities:


How to Enroll

If you are currently a student from a consortium school, then reach out to your university's Wind-U campus coordinator for enrollment:

Texas Tech University

Dr. Anna Thomas

Northern Arizona University

Dr. Thomas Acker

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Dr. Jim Manwell

If you are not currently a student at one of the Wind-U consortium schools, then you will need to apply to be either a degree-seeking or non-degree seeking student in order to enroll. If you have any questions about that process, please contact our Wind Energy Graduate Advisor, Dr. Manohar Chamana.

Program Cost

Each 3 hour Wind-U class taken at TTU costs $1830 no matter what university is teaching the class. The Wind-U consortium utilizes a common cost structure so that Wind-U students pay the same class cost regardless of their in-state or out-of-state status.