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CASNR Annex Project gives landscape architecture students hands-on experience

When moving, the natural desire is to make the new home seem like the old as much as possible. Couple that with making it a class project, and you have a unique effort ongoing in the Department of Plant and Soil Science. The expansion and renovation of the Bayer Plant Science Building has required the Department of Landscape Architecture to move its computer lab across the street to the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Annex.

Landscape Architecture Plaza Project breaks ground behind CASNR Annex

One of the elder buildings in Texas Tech's College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources is getting a minor facelift this semester with the makeover of the courtyard area behind the CASNR Annex, formerly known as the old Animal and Food Sciences Building. The plaza project is part of Department of Landscape Architecture's 4404/5316 Materials and Details class.