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The margins of your notebooks are filled with sketches and drawings. Or maybe you use computer software to design things. You're already planning the furnishings and colors that will make your dorm room the perfect space.

If you're the creative type who enjoys design, choose a major in architecture, construction, or design. Use the most modern technological tools to build a portfolio, then test the knowledge you gain in the classroom while building a community center in Mexico or assisting a designer in Los Angeles. Your professors will teach you in and out of the classroom, with field experiences and study abroad opportunities specific to your major.


Why Tech?

You'll know where you're going in life and have the skills to get there, like Chris Davison a senior Interior Design/Architecture major who completed a summer internship with a designer in Dallas. Chris did CAD drawings, called on fabric estimates and organized the materials library. "It was very much a hands-on experience," said Chris. And he was prepared.

"The placement rate of Architecture graduates is near 100% every year."


  • The on-campus Architecture Learning Community for architecture and other design majors extends your learning experience beyond the classroom.

  • The Community Design and Development program employs architecture majors to create plans for community centers, affordable housing or downtown redevelopment projects in West Texas towns.

  • An annual spring city tour takes interior design majors to places like New York and Chicago to study the history and influence of design through museums, art galleries and design firms.

Colleges and Majors

Here are the colleges that have majors in architecture, construction and design.

  • Architecture

  • Architecture/Business Administration (Dual)

  • Architecture/Civil Engineering (Dual)

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Landscape Architecture Accelerated Bachelor's & Master's

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Apparel Design and Manufacturing

  • Fashion Merchandising

  • Interior Design

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Art Art Education, Art History, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Transmedia

  • Theatre Arts Acting, Design/Technology, Musical Theatre

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Honors Sciences & the Humanities

    If you're looking for more in your college experience, the Honors College lets you spend time in and out of class with others who share your passion for learning. Specialized courses, undergraduate research, early registration and an Honors residence hall community compliment the outstanding instruction you'll receive from expert faculty

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

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