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Self-Reported Academic Record

Self-Reported Academic Record

What is the SRAR?

The Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) allows students to self-report courses and grades that have been attempted, or will be attempted, for high school credit. The SRAR replaces the high school transcript used by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions during the initial review process. Since accuracy is critical, you are advised to have a copy of your high school transcript available to use as a reference when you complete your SRAR.

The SRAR is separate from the admissions application and is created through your RaiderConnect account.



Who is required to submit the SRAR?

Beginning with Summer 2022 applications, the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) is a required item for first-time in college students, and your application file will remain incomplete until it is completed.

All first time in college applicants must complete a SRAR with the following exceptions:

    • Applicants not completing high school in the U.S. must submit official or certified copies of all secondary school record and/or examination results. All academic records not in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation.
    • GED graduates must submit their official GED transcript along with official partial high school transcript(s).
    • Applicants who have already graduated from high school must submit their official final high school transcript.

How do I complete the SRAR?

The SRAR is completed separately from your admissions application. Follow the steps below:

    • Create your RaiderConnect account
    • Navigate to the "Submit Documents" tab
    • Here you will link to the SRAR site and create an account
    • If you have created an SRAR account and are returning at a later time to complete or update an existing SRAR, login here.

Please note, your RaiderConnect account and SRAR account should be created with the same name and email address as it appears on your application.

Entering grades on the SRAR:

    • Please enter your grades exactly as they appear on your transcript or official score report.
    • Enter your official grades for all courses where you will receive high school credit.
    • If your school gives term or semester grades, list each course with all term or semester grades.
    • If your school does not provide term grades, enter the final grade as "full year". Please only enter a full year grade if term grades are not provided.
    • Please do not apply any grade format conversions or weights to your grades; just enter them as they appear on your transcript.

Senior/12th grade and courses in progress:

    • High school seniors should choose "In Progress" for scheduled/current 12th grade courses for which you do not yet have grades.
    • If you have already completed a 12th grade course and received a grade, please indicate the grade received.
    • If your exact course name is not on the drop-down list, just type it in exactly as it appears on your transcript.

Texas high school students:

    • The process for Top 10% Assured Admission in the state of Texas requires Texas Tech to have an accurate diploma type. If you are a Texas high school student, please ensure that you enter the high school diploma type that you are pursuing, which should be available on your transcript.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using the Self-Reported Academic Record?
Starting with Fall 2022, Texas Tech University is now requiring new-first-time applicants to submit a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) instead of a high school transcript. This change will benefit applicants in the following ways:
    • The SRAR allows you to control how quickly your application is complete. Because you no longer have to request for your school to send a transcript, we eliminate the time it takes for your school to complete that request and for Texas Tech to receive and process the document.
    • Your application will enter the holistic review process sooner and a decision will be provided in 2-4 weeks.
    • If an SRAR is required for other colleges you are applying to, you can eliminate duplication of effort and simply link your SRAR.
    • You will only need to request for a transcript to be sent to Texas Tech once, after high school graduation and upon enrolling at Texas Tech University.
When should I complete the Self-Reported Academic Record?
We encourage you to complete the SRAR right after submitting your application. The sooner you submit all required application items, the sooner you will receive an admission decision.
How long will completing the SRAR take?
You should plan to spend about 30-45 minutes to complete the SRAR. For accuracy and ease of inputing your information, have a copy of your transcript available before beginning. Note, if you are completing an SRAR for another college, you can simply link your existing SRAR to Texas Tech, saving you time and duplication of effort.
Can I update my SRAR after I have submitted it?
You will be able to log back into your SRAR to update course changes, new grades, and additional test scores. When you re-submit updates, we will receive a new SRAR report that will be reviewed and added to your application file. We recommend doing this only occasionally, for example when you have your final quarter, semester, or trimester grades.
What if I make a mistake or enter a typo on my SRAR?
If you notice you made a mistake when entering your information on the SRAR after submission, email admissions@ttu.edu with your full name, Date of Birth, and the correction needed.
I am in the Top 10% of my class. Do I need to submit a transcript upon application?
You will not be required to submit a transcript when applying to Texas Tech. An official final transcript will be required upon high school graduation and enrollment to Texas Tech.

The process for Top 10% Assured Admission in the state of Texas requires Texas Tech to have an accurate diploma type. If you are a Texas high school student, please ensure that you enter the high school diploma type that you are pursuing on your SRAR, which should be available on your transcript.
What if I purposefully misrepresent my self-reported information?
Admission to Texas Tech University is based upon many factors with the goal of ensuring your success in college. As an institution of higher education, we take academic integrity seriously. By submitting your Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR), you certify that the information you provided is complete and correct and is only the information that appears on your high school transcript. Submission of false information is grounds for rejection of your application to the university, withdrawal from any offer of acceptance, cancellation of enrollment, and/or appropriate disciplinary action. Texas Tech University will require an official final high school transcript upon your high school graduation to verify the information you submitted on your Self-Reported Academic Record is true and accurate.
I have already graduated high school. Should I complete the SRAR?
If you have already graduated high school, you should submit a final official high school transcript instead of completing the SRAR.
Should home-schooled students complete the SRAR?
Yes, home-schooled students will complete the SRAR. Click here for additional information regarding the admission process for home-schooled students.


If you have questions about the SRAR website or trouble using the website, contact SRAR Technical Support.

For assistance with the application process, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at admissions@ttu.edu.