Texas Tech University

Jacob Sweet, B.A.

Senior Academic Advisor
University Advising -Explore

Email: jacob.sweet@ttu.edu

Jacob Sweet grew up in College Station, Texas. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from Texas A&M University and attended University of North Texas for a portion of his Master of Arts in English before moving full-time to professional sectors.

Jacob spent over 12 years in hospitality working in a range of positions culminating in managing multiple concepts in the DFW metroplex. He then transitioned to working in the finance industry in various service capacities before moving to Lubbock, Texas. Throughout, Jacob developed a passion for helping others with professional and personal development. His experience in widely varied fields allowed him to craft a centralized focus on building relationships and fostering a service mentality in all his professional pursuits. Outside of work, Jacob enjoys painting, drawing, music, or simply enjoying time with his family and his adored niece and nephew.

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