Texas Tech University

Rosa Rodriguez, M.A.

Senior Academic Advisor
University Advising

Email: Rosa.A.Rodriguez@ttu.edu

Rosa is a life learner who appreciates seeing others around her grow. She is passionate about working with students, and enjoys seeing them achieve their aspirations. She sees her primary goal as helping students connect where they are now on their paths, what they are learning, and where they want to go as they build their future selves. 

Rosa is a first-generation college student who earned a bachelor's degree in education from West Texas A&M University. She later earned master's degrees in Romance Languages, Applied Linguistics, and a master's in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Cross-Cultural Studies, College Student Counseling, and Teaching in an International Context from Texas Tech University. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Education (Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Language, Diversity, & Literacy Studies) and plans on becoming a professor. Rosa has several years of teaching experience in both public schools and higher education. Her previous positions at TTU have availed her of the opportunity to connect with many people from different backgrounds.  

Rosa enjoys spending time with her big family, and loves listening to music, traveling, dancing, and cooking.

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