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Texas Tech University

Advising Information for Parents & Family Members

University Advising understands that you as a parent (or other parent-type family member) have invested your time and energy (not to mention your money), toward the success of your family, including your now-college-student since the mid-90's.

That's a significant investment. We also understand that you know your child better than we ever will, and that makes you the single greatest asset they have as they pursue academic success. Now, because we know the university pretty well, we want to make sure to partner with and equip you with all the tools you'll need as you continue to support your student ... albeit in a brand new way.

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Who Are Our Students?

What Are the Challenges They Face in the University?

How Can We Partner to Support Them?

During Red Raider Orientation (RRO)

Our goal at the end of RRO Day 2 is that students will have:

  1. Registered for courses that will apply to their top major choices
    (Evidence of Success: printout and camera shot of schedule, reasoning for course selection recorded in ARC and reviewed by another advisor)
  2. Understood and articulated why these courses matter
    (Evidence of Success: reasoning recorded in ARC, parent-student conversation after registration)
  3. Articulated their current top candidates for an academic major
    (Evidence of Success: recorded major choices, reflective writing)
  4. Identified courses for a first semester that will apply to those top candidates and contribute to a healthy first semester
    (Evidence of Success: potential course list, reflective writing)
  5. Become competent and confident in using the Catalog, Raiderlink, Degree Audit, and Schedule Building tools
    (Evidence of Success:2-3 preferred schedules and "Registration Readiness")
  6. Begun Exploring
    1. Begun gathering more information about the academic offerings of Texas Tech
      (Evidence of Success: comparison of majors & outcomes)
    2. Begun gathering more information about themselves and the good-fit options that an assessment can provide
      (Evidence of Success: FOCUS assessment)
    3. Walked away with a plan for continued exploration with good advising support in the coming Fall
      (Evidence of Success: ARC feedback)

The Most Popular College Majors [infographic]