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Dr. Yehia Mechref



Title: Paul W. Horn Distinguished Professor, Robert A Welch Chair in Chemistry, Associate Vice President of Research and Innovation, and Director of the TTU Center for Biotechnology & Genomics

Education: Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
Postdoctoral Study, Indiana University

Research Area: Analytical Chemistry

Office: Chemistry 335 and 336; Admin Building 150-J

Phone: 806-834-8246

Email: yehia.mechref@ttu.edu

Webpage: Research Group

Twitter: twitter.com/mechrefgroup

Principal Research Interests

  • Analytical
  • Bioanalytical
  • Chemical Separation
  • Glycomics
  • Glycoproeomics/Proteomics

The current advances in bioanalytical methods and instrumentation have greatly facilitated the understanding of biological processes at the molecular level. Every living organism in its environment represents a biochemically unique system whose biological functions can be better understood through analytical measurements. Isolated analytical measurements, which may help assessing the state of health within the organisms under study, are now routinely being made. Distinguishing between the “apparently healthy” and “diseased” individuals in clinical chemistry assays is often complicated by the biochemical individuality which has been recognized as an experimental complication of acquiring data from human subjects. Moreover, this aspect commonly results in considerable ranges for both often exist.

The rapidly developing fields of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, glycomics, and metabolomics are generating a vast body of biochemical information which is only sorted out through Systems Biology. Systems Biology, here, is referring to the strategy of pursuing integration of complex data about the interactions in biological systems from diverse bioanalytical techniques using multidisciplinary tools and personnel. Many research laboratories have been focusing their efforts on the overwhelming task of characterizing proteins and their voluminous posttranslation modifications following the Human Genome Project and the subsequent efforts to characterize the genomes of model animals. Inquiries into the glycomes and metabolomes of physiological fluids and tissues have been prompted by the unprecedented advances in biomolecular characterization and quantification of proteins. The ability to address these inquiries have been mainly attributed to the methodological/technological advances in biomolecular mass spectrometry and microscale separation science, as well as to the greatly improved computational capabilities (bioinformatics) which is facilitating fast data visualization and interpretation. The overarching activities in my research group are focused on the utility of molecular mass spectrometry to understand biomolecular changes attributing to disease development and progression.

Glycomics and glycoproteomics continue to be highly dynamic and interesting research areas due to the needs to comprehensively understand the biological attributes of glycosylation in many important biological functions such as immune response, cell development, cellular differentiation/adhesion and host-pathogen interactions. Moreover, aberrant glycosylation for decades has been recognized as the attribute of many mammalian diseases, including osteoarthritis, cystic fibrosis and cancer. This being said, glycomic and glycoproteomic analyses remain to be analytically very challenging mainly due to the high complexity and microheterogeneity of glycosylation processes and machineries. Therefore, more cutting-edge-analytical approaches are needed to allow more comprehensive characterization of glycosylation and subsequently better understanding of its biological roles. The ultimate goal of the research activities of my group is the comprehensive characterization of glycoprotein glycosylation sites and microheterogeneity of such sites. Accordingly, we are developing several glycomic and glycoproteomic approaches facilitating the achievement of this ultimate goal. Since interpretation and processing of glycomic and glycoproteomic data is laborious and time consuming, we are also collaborating with bioinformatics experts to develop different bioinformatic tools aiding rapid and automated data interpretation and processing. These research activities are intended to facilitate the analysis of large numbers of biological samples, thus facilitating a better understanding of disease development and progression at a molecular level.

Representative Publications

Book Chapters (5 out of 17 in print, 1)

  • M. Goli, A. Yu, B. Gwan Cho, S. Gautam, J. Wang, C. D. Gutierrez-Reyes, P. Jiang, W. Peng, Y. Mechref “Chapter 8: LC-MS/MS in Glycomics and Glycoproteomics Analyses” in Z. El Rassi (Ed.) Carbohydrate Analysis by Modern Liquid Phase Separation Techniques, 2e. Published by Elsevier, USA, 2021, 391-441.
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  • R. Zhu, E. Song, A. Hussein, F. Kobeissy, Y. Mechref "Glycoproteins Enrichment and LC-MS/MS Glycoproteomics in Central Nervous System Applications" in S. Stevens and F. Kobeissy (eds.), Neuroproteomics, Methods in Molecular Biology book series, published by Humana Press, USA, 1598 (2017) 213-227.
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  • L. Veillon, S. Zhou, Y. Mechref "Chapter 22: Quantitative Glycomics: a combined analytical and bioinformatics approach" in A. Shukla (ed.) Proteomics in Biology Methods in Enzymology, published by Elsevier, USA, 585 (2017) 431-477.

Review Articles (8 out of 39)

  • W. Peng, F. Kobeissy, S. Mondello, C. Barsa, Y. Mechref “MS-Based Glycomics: An Analytical Tool to Assess Nervous System Diseases,” Front. Neurosci., in press, https://doi.org/10.3389/fnins.2022.1000179.
  • Y. Mechref, W. Peng, S. Gautam, P. Ahmadi, Y. Lin, J. Zhu, J. Zhang, S. Liu, A. G. Singal, Neehar D. Parikh, and D. M. Lubman "Mass Spec Based Biomarkers for early detection of HCC Using a Glycoproteomic Approach," Adv. Cancer Res.,https://doi.org/10.1016/bs.acr.2022.07.005, in press.
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  • C. D. Gutierrez Reyes, P. Jiang, M. Atashi, A. Bennett, A. Yu, W. Peng, J. Zhong, and Y. Mechref "Glycomics & Glycoproteomics: Approaches to Address Isomeric Separation of Glycans and Glycopeptides" J. Sep Sci, 44 (2021) 403-425.

Research Papers (36 out of 225)

  • A. Yu, J. Zhao, W. Peng, S. P. S. Yadav, B. A. Molitoris, M. C. Wagner, and Y. Mechref, "Proteome Profiling of Kidney Brush-Border Membrane from Rat Models with Chronic Kidney Diseases," Proteomics Clin. Appl., in press, https://doi.org/10.1002/prca.202200063.
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