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Why Study Mandarin Chinese?

With over one billion speakers worldwide, Mandarin Chinese is the most widely-spoken language in the world, the second most popular language on the internet, and one of the six official languages of the United Nations. China's economy is booming, and it is no surprise the U.S. government defines Mandarin Chinese as a critical language to know. The demand to know Mandarin Chinese will certainly increase as trade and business with China continue to expand internationally. Knowing Mandarin Chinese not only makes you stand out in the job market, but as you learn you'll delve into an amazing culture, rich in history and philosophy. You'll notice it isn't as difficult as you think; there's no conjugation, no gender, no inflection, and no case in Mandarin Chinese grammar. Chinese characters and calligraphy are based on pictographs, and are very artistic and attractive to learn. What makes learning Mandarin Chinese at Texas Tech so powerful is the program's emphasis on culture; to really understand the people. In your future career, the Chinese people you'll meet (which is almost 20% of the world population) will definitely appreciate your effort to learn and speak their language. Your language learning journey will be well worth it.

The Chinese Program at Texas Tech



The Chinese Language and Area Studies program offers Mandarin Chinese language courses from beginning through advanced. Students can major or minor in Chinese. In addition to Mandarin Chinese language courses, students may take courses in Chinese linguistics, business Chinese, classical Chinese, translation, Chinese cinema, culture, and literature. This program intends to prepare students for various types of professions that require a knowledge of Mandarin Chinese and to motivate students for further study. Students also have opportunities to study abroad in China.

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