Texas Tech University

Chinese Language & Area Studies


Why Study Chinese?

China boasts a brilliant civilization and culture, which endures for over 3,000 years in recorded history. Chinese Mandarin, one of the critical languages defined by the government of the United States, is the most widely spoken first language in the world, boasting almost 900 million native speakers and over a billion speakers in total. The Chinese writing system has been in continuous use for over three millennia, serving the longest, uninterrupted literary tradition in the world today. Chinese philosophy, especially Chinese Confucianism, not only influenced the Asian countries, like Japan, Korea, etc. but also the west countries. According to the report from International Trade Administration, China is the second largest trading partners of the United States in 2017. China has the world's second-largest economy in terms of nominal GDP and the largest economy by purchasing power party. With the booming development of Chinese economy, China and Chinese culture attracts considerable attention worldwide. Learning Chinese Mandarin will open a new window for your career.

The Chinese Program at Texas Tech

Students at Texas Tech can major or minor in Chinese. The Chinese Language and Area Studies program offers Chinese language courses from beginning through advanced. Besides Chinese language courses, other courses in Chinese linguistics, business Chinese, classical Chinese, translation, culture and literature are offered. The program intends to prepare students for various types of professional work that require knowledge of Chinese and motivated students for further study. Students also have opportunities to study abroad in China.