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Italy's rich culture has shaped many global industries. Innovations in government, art, science, political science, architecture, film, music, design, and literature from Ancient Rome to modern day Italy have had a profound effect on the way we live our lives in the U.S. and in many places throughout the world. Study of the Italian language opens the gateway to all of these fields for you.


Approximately 67 million people around the world speak Italian as their primary language. It is the official language of Italy and San Marino and one of four official languages of Switzerland. Italian is also spoken in Vatican City, parts of Yugoslavia and Africa, and is the second-most spoken language in Argentina and Venezuela. Italian immigrants in major cities like New York, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, and Melbourne bring the number of people who speak Italian as a second language to about 120 million. Proficiency in Italian can lead you to careers in international business in the fashion and food industries, international law, diplomacy and foreign service, translation and interpretation, and communications and marketing, among others.


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