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Doctoral Degrees

Maria Alejandra Cerdas Cisneros, PhD Spanish, August 2016


Dissertation Title: Representaciones de una cultura globalizada en la obra de César Aira: un acercamiento a la temática a través de la relación espacio-personajes
Dissertation Chair: George Cole
Dissertation Committee: Julian Perez, Jorge Zamora

Catherine Cheri Grissom, PhD Spanish, August 2016


Dissertation Title: A Tale of Two Tricksters: "Paratexuality and Supplementarity in the Don Juan Master-Servant Relationship"
Dissertation Chair: John Beusterien
Dissertation Committee: Savar V. Guengerich, Carmen Pereira

John E. Baron, PhD Spanish, December 2016


Dissertation Title: "Restoring Memory in Recent Novels Films from Argentina.
Dissertation Chair: John Beusterien
Dissertation Committee: Jorge Zamora and Natalia Matta
Dean's Representative: Jorgelina Orfila

Master of Arts Degrees

Languages & Cultures

Saad Alamri, MA Languages & Cultures-Applied Linguistics, December 2016. Accepted to Ph.D. program at the University of Memphis

Effah Morad, MA Languages & Cultures-Applied Linguistics, December 2016.

Romance Languages


Emilie J. Mathis, French, August 2016
Thesis title: La Figure du critique-écrivain : Barthe, Blanchot, Cixous
Thesis Chair: Christopher Bains
Thesis Committee: Joseph Price


Emeline Teteviude, French, December 2016
Thesis title: L'influence britannique sur les modes de consommation moderne du Champagne
The British-French Relationship through Champagne Trade and Modes of representation
Thesis Chair: Carole Edwards
Thesis Committee: Andrea Jonsson

Congratulations on Emeline's publication contract with the Presses Universitaires Européennes!

Hector Noriega, MA Romance Languages-Spanish, December 2016

Spanish Qualifying Exams - All but Dissertation


Maria Bateman

Bachelor of Arts

Languages and Cultures - Classics

Veronica L. Brown
Stephan A. French

Languages and Cultures – French

  • Lacye A. Levine (August 2016)
  • Daniela Macias (Dual BID Interior Design) - She is accepted into the MA Romance Languages French program for Spring 2017
  • Sean C. McCollum (Double BA History) (August 2016)


  • Snezana Bijelic
  • Chesnie A. Brackens
  • Miriam J. Briseno
  • Leonardo D.Castaneda
  • Laura M. Cueto
  • Santiago J. Deleon
  • Evan J. Garcia
  • Lopez, Ezra
  • Eileen Macias
  • Selena L. Martinez
  • Michael R. McLean
  • Marisela Miranda
  • Motola A. Peters
  • Sara E. Smith
  • Jacqueline E. Valdez

Faculty Awards & Recognitions

Bishop Receives Research Scholarship

Caroline Bishop, Assistant Professor of Classics, has been awarded a research scholarship for young researchers from the Fondation Hardt in Geneva, Switzerland. Congratulations are in order since this scholarship is awarded to only 12 % of the applicants. This scholarship afforded Bishop the opportunity to work on her book there for three weeks in November.

Beusterien Keynote Speaker at the University College of London


Professor John Beusterien was invited as the keynote speaker at the University College of London at a conference entitled, "Animals in Visual Hispanism: An International Symposium" held on September 9, 2016. In this picture, Dr. Beusterien stands by a statue of Gandhi in London with another invited speaker, Abel Alves, Chair of the Department of History at Ball State University.

Learner Training with New Technologies

Dr. Allison Cattell, recipient of a 2016 Lawrence Schovanec Teaching Development Scholarship, led a workshop at the Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center on October 17th, 2016. This scholarship provides funding for recipients to attend teaching and learning oriented conferences and as a part of their fellowship, they agree to return to Texas Tech and present information gleaned from the conference. Dr. Cattell's workshop focused on learner training in the use of new technologies, a topic that has been gaining attention in research on computer-assisted learning. Learner training can be a useful strategy to remediate the lack of planning and metacognitive control that many students demonstrate in their use of software that is made available to them for studying course material outside of the classroom. The workshop covered several misconceptions about today's learners and their use of technology, the state of research on learner training, as well as tips for training students to improve their ability to make effective use of digital tools.

TTU Accredited Center to Administer the Chamber of Commerce of Paris French Professional Exam

As a complement to her courses in Business French (French 3306 and 4304), Dr. Carole Edwards spearheaded a project to have TTU become an accredited Center to administer the Chamber of Commerce of Paris French for Professional exam. Lab director David Villarreal joined her effort to carry out this project by providing crucial information to the commission in Paris in order to make the application a success. On October 21, 2016, the commission determined that TTU would be an official accredited Center for students and members of the community. David Villarreal and Dr. Edwards will oversee the written portion of the test and Drs. Edwards and Andrea Jonsson will give the oral portion of the exam. Sessions will run twice a year starting this spring.

Friedman Featured in VPR Discoveries Magazine

Hannah Friedman, Assistant Professor of Classics, is part of a team investigating the ancient Roman colony in northern Italy, Libarna. Her work on the project was featured in the Fall 2016 edition of the VPR Discoveries magazine. Click here to read the article.

2nd Annual Alumni College

The 2016 Second Annual Alumni College took place during Homecoming Weekend, October 15th at the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center providing a chance to sample the work of current TTU humanities faculty. This year, ten professors shared their research in a series of short TED-like talks on subjects ranging from bilingual signage, the Roman Empire, Hormones, pop singers and girl culture, and more.

CMLL faculty presenters:

  • Caroline Bishop, Ph.D. - "How to Make a Roman Demosthenes: Cicero's Construction of a Tradition"Idoia Elola, Ph.D. – "Defining Linguistic Landscapes through Written Signage in Four Hispanic Flea Markets in Texas"
  • Hannah Friedman, Ph.D. - "Piecing Together The Ancient City: The Libarna Archaeological Project"
  • Andrea Jonsson, Ph.D. - "Acting Vulnerable: Performed Sincerity and Authenticity in the Voices of Jacques Brel and Stromae"
  • Victoria Surliuga, Ph.D. - "Peggy Guggeheim in Venice: A Self-Professed Art Addict"

Open Teaching Concept Lecture Series

Texas Tech Open Teaching Concept, a five week lecture series, sponsored by the Texas Tech Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center across all disciplines took place during the fall semester. Dr, Kimi Nataksukasa, assistant professor of Applied Linguistics, presented a lecture entitled, "Learners' Individual Differences and Second Foreign Language Learning" on October 27th in the Foreign Languages Building. The topic of the lecture covered learners' various factors that affect second or foreign language learning, and was especially relevant to those who are currently teaching language or even a content classes.

LGBT Persecution during the Holocaust

Belinda Kleinhans, Ph.D. presented an in depth presentation and discussion of the persecution LGBT individuals faced by the Nazi Regime during Second World War on November 9th for the Texas Tech University Gay Straight Alliancein Holden Hall.

Graduate Student Presentations

2016 Arts & Humanities Graduate Student Research Conference

The Texas Tech University Graduate School hosted the sixth annual Arts & Humanities Graduate Research Conference on November 3rd and 4th at the Texas Tech Student Union Building. Graduate students from different domains presented 15-20 minute papers highlighting research and work in the arts and humanities in one of the conference panels, "Challenging the Perceptions of.... "from Alcohol Awareness: One Act Plays, Attitudes, Finances, Histories, Humanity Micro, Instruction, Interactions, Language, and Perception.

Seven graduate students presented papers and two faculty panelists represented the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures.

Elizabeth Carroll Panel Awardee - Language


Elizabeth Carroll, MA LACU-Applied Linguistics – "Undergraduates' Comprehension of International Teaching Assistants and Levels of Intercultural Communication Apprehension" (Language)

Dylan Lewis Panel Awardee - Micro Histories


Dylan Lewis, MA LACU-German - "Translating" the Gothic: Authority and Legitimacy in 18th Century Schauerromane" (Micro Histories)

Kristine Mallinson, MA LACU-Classics – "Reevaluating a Late Helladic Tom" (Micro Histories)

Astrid Mariel Sierra Mejia, Fulbright MA LACU-Applied Linguistics - "Exploring Relationships: A Descriptive Study of Aptitude, Personality Type, & Learning Strategies in Second Language Learning (Language)

Maxwell Stocker, MA LACU-Classics - "Landscape, Location, and Symbolism in the Theban Necropolis: A Study of the Tomb-Chapel of Neferhotep (TT50)" (Interactions)

Jackson Vaughn, MA LACU-Classics – "Fortifying the Akropolis: Greek Law and the Formation of Archaeological Sites" (Interactions)

Rachael Winfrey, MA LACU-Applied Linguistics – "Naturalistic Conversation and Parenthood: An Analysis of Turn Taking Practices and Authenticity" (Language)

CMLL Judges included:
Dr. Belinda Kleinhans - Language
Dr. Kimi Nakatsukasa – Perception
Dr. Diego Pascual – Micro Histories

CMLL Moderator:
Dylan Lewis - Interactions

5th Annual Heartland Graduate Workshop in Ancient Studies, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign from September 30-October 1, 2016

Kristine Mallinson presented a paper title, "Time and Memory in a Late Bronze Tomb".

Jackson Vaughn presented a talk entitled, ""The Ruins Remain the Same: Problematizing Palmyra's Potential Reconstruction".

Janie Covarrubias Lectures at the Texas Tech Law School Law Immigration Law Association

Left to Right: David Strange (Adjunct Professor, Texas Tech School of Law), Janie Covarrubias, Allen Braddock, rising 1L, William & Mary Law School

Janie Covarrubias (Spanish Ph.D. candidate and GPTI) presented a lecture at the Texas Tech Law School to students in the Immigration Law Association on November 2, 2016. The students taking Immigration Law classes and interested members of the public profited from Covarrubias' discussion of Mexican immigration to the United States, Mexican culture in the United States, and U.S. – Mexico relations. Immigration law and policy has been a hot topic in the headlines, and the Texas Tech School of Law Immigration Law Association (ILA) wanted to explore some of the push-pull factors that contribute to immigration, who the immigrants are, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of immigration. The ILA also asked Covarrubias to speak in order to explore some of the uncertainties in the area of immigration law surrounding the incoming new President.


96th Annual Classical Association of the Middle West and South-Southern Section Meeting at Emory University from October 27-29, 2016

Hali Johnson presented a paper entitled, "Parthenoi on Parade: Performance of Athenian Ideology and the Display of Girls in the Parthenaic Procession"

Kristine Mallinson presented a paper titled, "Time and Memory in a Late Bronze Tomb"

Heartland Graduate Workshop in Ancient Studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, September 30, 2016

Hali Johnson presented a paper entitled, "Parthenoi on Parade: Performance of Athenian Ideology and the Display of Girls in the Parthenaic Procession"

Qualitative Research Conference at Texas Tech University on December 8, 2016.

Kristine Mallinson gave a talk entitled, "Reevaluating a Late Helladic Tomb"

Sigma Delta Pi Lubbock Spanish Day

The Texas Tech chapter Alpha Phi of Sigma Delta Pi (National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society) hosted the celebration of Lubbock Spanish Day on September 15, 2016. The theme for this year's celebration was, Spanish: An Essential Skill for American Students. Two of the 3 panelists were from the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures: Michael Martinez, Jr., Ph.D. Candidate Spanish and James Haney, Senior. The panelists addressed theme based topics such as why more American students need to study Spanish and what you need to do as a American in order to speak Spanish.

Josh Prada, Spanish PhD candidate, Lectures Internationally

Prada presented a talk entitled, "Identity reflexes in translingual linguistic landscapes: the case of four Hispanic markets in Texas" on November 4, 2016, at the Centre for Multilingualism and Multiculturalism at Birkbeck University of London, UK as the first and only guest speaker without a doctoral degree to receive an invitation.

Prada gave an undergraduate seminar as part of the Interdisciplinary program for exchange students titled, "Languages and identity re/de) construction in today's Spain" at the University of Seville, Seville Spain on November 9, 2016.

On November 14, 2016, Prada was invited to present a talk entitled, "How bilingual is bilingual education? "at the Department of Education at the University of Granada (Granada, Spain) opened to all professors, researchers, and graduate students in the field of bilingual education.

Prada was selected to present at the Young Linguists' Meeting (an international conference for doctoral students and candidates, and post doctorates whose work covers topics in linguistics) in Poznan, Poland, on November 27, 2016 where he presented a new project entitled, "Telling the bilingual experience beyond constructed languages: a look at the bilingual creative writings of heritage speakers".

2016 Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South - Southern Section (CAMWS-SS)

Jackson Vaughn presented a paper titled, "A Woman is a Horse, of Course, of Course: Representations of Women as Horses in Archaic Poetry" at the

Graduate Student Awards

Brett Stine (seated front left) and Kristine Mallinson (standing back 5th from left to right) - Mason A. Stewart Travel Award, Classical Association of the Middle West and South for travel to the 5th Annual Heartland Graduate Workshop in Ancient Studies, University of Illinois-Champaign.


Costa, Gustavo. A identidade brasileira por meio de imagens na obra Triste fim de Policarpo Quaresma. Rio de Janeiro: Gramma, 2016. Print.


Triste fim dePolicarpo Quaresma, by Lima Barreto, provides a detailed insight into the feeling of love for a homeland and the problems faced by the character to defend his nation. Gustavo Costa analyzes the brazilian identifying features present in this classic work of brazilian literature.

"Lima Barreto would have a greater work to be done in order to fight for national identity if he was a writer today, as he would have to deal with globalization and adaptations from other cultures, not just having a genuinely Brazilian homeland".


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